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Spares are available, do emails us re those.

These are being made available in White / Bahamas only to replace existing Autotrail awnings. They require the old style end caps to fit Autotrail, you can re-use old ones or purchase new as below.  Not on general sale!

Omnistor 5002 Manual Wind-out Awnings:  With ultra fast gear. The 5002 fits elegantly within the current design of Motorhomes with its smaller end caps and modern design. This awning has all the reliable, stable and non-fading features of an Omnistor awning and presents an elegant appearance.  Buy Below >>>

Operation:  The major advantages are - an ultra rapid gear (one third less rotations), user friendly telescopic crank handle, a built-in end stroke which ensures that the fabric cannot be rolled up incorrectly & the well known Quick Lock System for easy adjustment of the support arms.

Construction:  The retractable arms have twin cables for maximum fabric tension and the redesigned front profile ensures perfect closing every time. A double security lock on both sides of the front profile avoids the unwanted opening of the awning whilst travelling. The roller tube has a 48mm diameter.

Comfort:  Two clips for storing the hand crank are supplied as standard! Also supplied as standard are items for the installation of a Safari-Room by means of clips. The support arms can be installed to the vehicle wall by using the mounting brackets supplied or to the ground. 

Optional Motor:  Built-in 12v motors with emergency operation for the 5002 are available from 2.60m length upwards. Lengths with motor +0.16m. Motors cannot be added later to the 5002.   Buy Below >>>

Spare parts - Omnistor & Thule ?  Yes many are available, the more common ones may be in UK stock otherwise brought in from Belgium. Check the new part numbers using our Thule spare parts download

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Omnistor 5002 Awnings - Manual 

! For a limited 5002 range in Bahamas only  - ! Please see the new Omnistor 5003 page (click here)


White Finish - Manual - When available few only in Bahamas as Autotrail Spares

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Omnistor 5002 1.95 x 1.40



Omnistor 5002 2.35 x 1.80



End Cap Pair for Autotrail



Distress stock ex Belgium for recessed Autotrail replacements only (2-4 weeks?)


Omnistor 5002 2.65 x 2.00



Omnistor 5002 3.05 x 2.50



Omnistor 5002 3.55 x 2.50



Omnistor 5002 4.05 x 2.50


For longer / wider awnings see the new Omnistor 8000 range.

Anodised Aluminium Finish - Manual

! Please see the new Omnistor 5003 page (click here)

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Omnistor 5002M Awnings - with 12 Volt Motor


White Finish - Motorised 

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Anodised Aluminium Finish - Motorised 

! Please see the new Omnistor 5003 page (click here)

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