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  Discount Omnistor 6002 Roof Mounted Awnings    

Obsolete - Now replaced by the new 6200 range - Please click here to go to the new page

Ideal for Ducato-Boxer & Sprinter Roof Edge Mounting with dedicated no-drill adapters. Great for roof mounting on bars or on the rounded roof edge of some a- and c-class, some adapters can be glued on. See also the larger 6900.

The Omnistor 6002 Wind-out Awnings:  Top class products for roof top fitting!  The 6000 series are all roof mount roll-out awnings (canopies) for roof edge mounting. They can be fitted to flat roofs on motorhomes and caravans using transverse mounting rails or to curved edges as found on many A-class motorhomes for instance - eliminating that sometimes problematic addition to width. Special adapters are available for many such applications. The awning is very easy to operate with a user friendly telescopic long crank and a built in end stroke that ensures correct rolling of the fabric. The retractable arms have twin cables for increased fabric tension and the front panel is auto-locking for driving safety. The support arms can be attached to the vehicle wall using the mounting brackets supplied or can be pegged to the ground. NB: 12v motor option is only available as an original unit, it cannot be retro fitted. Buy Manual >>  Buy 12v >>

Adaptors: for all installations are sold separately; 'Mounting Rail Sets' are suitable for all motorhomes and caravans with flat roofs. The adapter is installed onto these transverse profiles as illustrated right and can be moved three ways so that the awning fits perfectly to the roof edge or caravan rail, which remains free. Drilling through the roof panel is not necessary!  PgDn to the bottom of the page to purchase these profiles, see the adaptors page for others. For later fitting of a room both roof awnings now take the new Safari-Residence (as now do the older 6502 with the Omni clip system and the 6802 with its wind-cheating velcro system).  Buy Manual >>>    Buy 12v >>>

See also the 6900 page for Extra Long & Extra Wide Versions - 4-6m long and 2.75m wide. 

See also the Ducato Specials page for the special no-drill roof rack & adaptor system for the Ducato-Boxer-Relay vans plus Sprinter-Crafter.

UK Availability may sometimes be limited on these ranges especially in the less popular sizes please check with us if delivery dates are important to you. The new colours 31 & 32 will be 'to order' for the time being.

Optional Motor:  Awnings are now available with a built-in 12v motor with emergency operation. All motors have to be factory fitted. It is not possible to install a motor after production. Buy Motorised Version >>>

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Omnistor 6002 Awnings - Manual & Electric (PgDn)


Omnistor 6002 Awnings in White - Manual    Popular stock colours are 03, 04, 27, 31, 32.

NB: Long items incur carriage of 12.00 for 3m+, 15 for 4m+, 18.00 for 5m+  as shown in basket

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Omnistor 6002  2.62x2.00



Omnistor 6002   3.02x2.50



Omnistor 6002  3.27x2.50
Typically 07-on SWB Ducato




Omnistor 6002  3.52x2.50



Omnistor 6002  3.77x2.50
Typically 07-on LWB Ducato


Omnistor 6002 Awnings in Anthracite Finish - Manual   (usually to order)

NB: Long items incur carriage of 12.00 for 3m+, 15 for 4m+, 18.00 for 5m+  as shown in basket

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6002 Anthracite  3.25x2.50




6002 Anthracite  3.50x2.50




6002 Anthracite  3.75x2.50



Omnistor 6002 Awnings in Anodised Aluminium Finish - Manual

NB: Long items incur carriage of 12.00 for 3m+, 15 for 4m+, 18.00 for 5m+  as shown in basket

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6002 Anodised  3.27x2.50




6002 Anodised  3.52x2.50




6002 Anodised  3.77x2.50



Installation Profiles for Flat Roof

See also Menu for our Awning Adaptors for Roof Mount 6-series page.

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308054 50600002

Set of 2 Mounting Rails + Adapters - to 3.5m


308055 50600003

Set of 3 Mounting Rails + Adapters - 4 & 4.5m


308054x 50600004

Set of 4 Mounting Rails + Adapters - 5, 5.5 & 6m


See also the 'Adaptors 6000' pages and also the Ducato pages for other suitable roof mount adapters.

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