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Reich Motorhome Weight Control - Portable 1500Kg Weigher:  The uprated motorhome version of the popular caravan weigher.  With an enhanced capacity of 1.5 tonnes the Reich Weight Control 1500 is an ideal tool for most motorhomes. Just roll a wheel onto the device and read out the 'wheel weight', add both wheel weights on the same axle to get the total axle weight and compare that with the max axle weight your vehicle takes (as on the VIN plate). Perfect, no more worries about overloading with easy checking of both front and rear axles and all-up weight by adding all four together, it even allows you to check side to side balance for better vehicle handling. Perfect for European trips because you can easily take it with you and check those important weights after you visit to the vineyard!  Not to be confused with the yellow caravan 1t version which is a bit under-rated for many motorhome rear wheels, especially if a bit off balance!  Buy Below >>>

New for 2012: Reich LCD Nose-weight Gauge:  Brilliantly simple and easy to use. Simply put the TLC onto your tow-bar, hook-up your caravan and check the digital reading. Please ensure that TLC is removed before towing! Uses 2 x AAA batteries (not supplied). Available in 2 versions for Single Axle or Double Axle. Max: 109 KG  Dimensions: 170x68x120.5mm  Weight ~350g  Tol. <3%

Down to Earth Stability!  A simple fix for that shaking van feeling, easy to use manual rear stabilisers that fix to the vehicle chassis or outriggers. The camper jack installation is simple, either through two mounting bolts in the 10 x 5 cm top mounting bracket or if preferred by welding a bracket to the chassis or outrigger. The legs are held horizontally in the stowed position. To release simply pull the leg from the locating notch and allow the telescopic leg to extend, aided by a toe on the flange if easier. Lock the legs in place using the tommy-bars supplied. To release just apply pressure with toe on the flange, remove tommy-bar and then raise to the stowed position. Two revised models are now available as picture, the short one extends from 35cm to 48cm and the longer one from 49.5cm to 61.5cm. Supplier galvanised to cope with the difficult outdoor conditions found under the 'van. Sold in pairs. Please note these are strong pull-down units and not the lightweight wind-downs seen on caravans. Ideal for motorhomes with large rear overhang.  NB: Picture shows hinges in stowed position!

Which size? You do need to get under the 'van and work this out, it just isn't possible from your armchair! This is a high returns item due to 'wrong size' - in both directions - and returning them will cost you, so do get out under that 'van and work it out - both vertically and when stowed horizontally!  Buy Below >>>

Parma Wheeltrims:  Not a great deal to say about these really - Beautifully crafted Light Commercial Wheel trims in sets of four in chrome or silver finish to fit 15" or 16" Motorhome wheels. They certainly look a lot better than painted / rusting wheels and are a great spruce-up for anyone trying to make a sale!  They are "Light Commercial for Vans and Motorhomes" and certainly fit well on the slightly domed wheels of the 230/240 and X250 Ducato-Boxer. A Parma Industries item.  Buy Below >>>

Dirtstopper:  A "16in dangly brush thing" that fits across the rear of a motorhome. Dirt-stopper stops the spray and dirt off the road from dirtying the back of your motorhome or anything towed behind it and ensures the rear window, bikes, scooter, rear luggage box or trailer remain clean. Simple to mount and easily shortened or turned into two or four strips. We're told they have fitted these in all sorts of creative ways, at the back, behind the wheels, in one, two or even divided into four parts, etc. Total size 244 x 40cm, delivered as 2 x 1.22M lengths complete with 12 fixing screws.  Buy Below >>>

Mudflaps:  Sensibly priced and easy to fit front and rear mud flaps for Ducato family from 1994 to date plus universal items for coachbuilt motorhomes. The fronts are very popular on both 'vans and chassis cab coachbuilts to keep all that mud away from the cab entry zone. Supplied in pairs with necessary fixings for easy attachment. Colour: Black. The N34228 & N34229 style is now similar to the picture right, the squarer flaps with chassis name are now discontinued.

An alternative rounded N34240 Fiamma front version for X250 is illustrated left. Also plain wider rear mudflaps for coachbuilts & a-class supplied in pairs with bolts and brackets. Small 35cm x 30cm, Medium 45 x 35cm & Large 53 x 37cm (wxh). No a-class fronts are available I'm afraid but you can of course go in for some DIY to achieve a fit there. Can be modified for various uses,  Buy Below >>>

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Camper Jacks, Mud-flaps, Dirtstopper, Reich Motorhome Weigher


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Reich Motorhome Digital Weigher 1500Kg  Portable. (Not the cheaper 1000Kg version!)  StdZone Carriage paid.



Reich LCD Noseweight Gauge - Single Axle Version
Battery operated, portable, accurate and dead easy!



Reich LCD Noseweight Gauge - Double Axle Version
Battery operated, portable, accurate and dead easy!



Caravan Noseweight Gauge
Traditional and budget but good quality and dead easy!


Wheel Trims - 'Light Commercial' by Parma

I can vouch for fitting Ducato 1994-2006 & 2007-on


Wheel Trims 15" Silver - Set 4



Wheel Trims 16" Silver - Set 4



Wheel Trims 15" Chrome - Set 4



Wheel Trims 16" Chrome - Set 4


Flaps & Jacks


Front/Rear Mud Flaps Ducato/Boxer 2002-2006 (28x40cm)



Front Mud Flaps for X250/Ducato(/Boxer) 2006-on (35x30cm)



Rear Mud Flaps for X250 Ducato(/Boxer) 2006-on (30x35cm)



Front Mud Flaps for X250 Ducato/Boxer 2006-on  Fiamma

A slimmer more rounded version, heavy duty. (35x22cm)



Rear Mud Flaps for X250 Ducato/Boxer 2006-on  Fiamma

Extras could be used to create full rear 'wall'  (30x35cm)



Rear Mud Flaps for Coachbuilt/A-class

Small, 3 bolt bracket, 30x35cm



Rear Mud Flaps for Coachbuilt/A-class

Medium, 4 bolt bracket, 35x45cm



Rear Mud Flaps for Coachbuilt/A-class

Large, 5 bolt bracket, 37x53cm



Dirt-stopper Rear Full-width Brush or Segmented Kit  
(2 x 1.22m lengths & screws)


Camper Jacks - Pull down Rear Stabilisers

NB: Please check your fitting plan & dimensions - we get silly numbers of wrong length returns!!


Camper Jacks Short - extend from 35 cm to 48 cm

In galvanised steel for longer life.



Camper Jacks Long - extend from 49.5 cm to 61.5 cm

In galvanised steel for longer life.



Spare Bar (only) for Camper Jacks.


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