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Waeco - great products from a great company, now part of the mighty Dometic Group. Some are ex stock but some may be on a more extended delivery - 7-10 days e.g.

Waeco Mobile Video Reversing Camera Systems - have everything in sight! A superb range of top class products for reversing comfort and safety. Reversing is a tricky business, especially when you are not able to see what is behind you. Whether in a car, motorhome, motor-caravan, or commercial vehicle, as soon as you engage reverse gear there are risks everywhere: children playing, tight parking spaces, unfamiliar street furniture and a whole host of unforeseen dangers. With a PerfectView reversing video system you will approach difficult reversing manoeuvres with the peace of mind to be able to see from the front what is happening behind your vehicle. With an additional cameras you will even see what would otherwise be hidden in "blind spots". The X250 mount (above right) is very handy too. Buy Below >>>

A choice of Reversing Cameras:  Waeco Reversing Video Systems are tried and tested in thousands of applications.  The consumer range has been simplified and now comprises two flat screen LCD monitors in 5" and 7" combined with one of three cameras.  Waeco's PerfectView colour cameras feature a temperature-controlled heater, which works independently of the system’s operating status. Even after cold nights or on icy winter days the cameras are ready to start working shooting right after being switched on so no need for a time-consuming warm up. Another weather-specific advantage: the high protection class up to IP 69K ensures that rain, moisture or water cannot damage the high-quality devices.  PerfectView CAM 50C (top) is a very compact extra-slim colour camera. With its slim design, this colour camera suits modern vehicle models particularly well. IR LEDs & adjustable antiglare sun protection. Stainless steel mount with concealed cable duct. Also available in white, so that it can be installed on white vehicles and still remain virtually invisible. PerfectView CAM 80C (middle) is the smallest shutter camera with a 145 picture angle. As well as being one of the smallest cameras on the market, it is most certainly the smallest shutter camera with this extra wide picture angle. The LEDs are to one side to avoid reflections and the motor operated shutter protects the CAM 80C’s lens.  The PerfectView CAM 44 Twin Lens Camera (bottom) offers optimum close and long-range vision. Fantastic results from the proven double lens camera that also has a shutter covering the two camera lenses. Apart from surveying the area immediately behind the vehicle, this camera also provides long-range vision far beyond the vehicle for reassuring comfort while both reversing and driving!  Compared with competitor products, this is a technically perfect solution, which can function in both long-range and short range modes.

The two flat-screen PerfectView monitors (right) in 5 inch and 7 inch sizes each have the same performance features and differ only in size. LCD technology and LED backlighting ensure optimum picture quality. Large, easily reached buttons make operation very convenient. A USB charging output has been provided for charging MP3 players and other devices. Particularly practical: Easy to remove without removing cabling. LED background illumination. Optimum picture quality even at low temperatures. Two camera inputs with signal detection. Normal or mirrored picture and these settings can be saved for each camera input. USB charging output. For 12-volt and 24-volt operating voltage. Both monitors can be combined with all three cameras from the PerfectView RVS series.  Buy Below >>>

Spare Cameras, Trailer Extensions, Magic Watch, etc:  Are all aimed firmly at professionals like dealers, workshops & oem vehicle converters but we can get these in to order if you know what you're doing and want.

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Waeco Reversing Systems and Components


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PerfectView Reversing Cameras Screens & Systems

Detailed descriptions and technical specifications on the Waeco Mobile Video webpages - click here

LCD Reversing Camera Systems - Perfect View Colour Systems

A) Most popular & most readily available

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7" Colour Reversing Camera System with LCD monitor & CMOS camera & 20M cable



White-cam. 7" Colour Reversing Camera system, great LCD monitor & CAM50 LED camera


N-RVS794 (Twin)

Hi-tech 7" Twin Lens Reversing Camera system with high-quality bright 7 inch LCD monitor and colour twin lens camera for optimal close and distance vision via its 40 and 140 angles. Excellent picture brightness


B) Available to order, price to be checked then


5" Colour Reversing Camera System with compact LCD monitor & CAM50 LED camera



White-cam. 5" Colour Reversing Camera system, compact LCD monitor & CAM50 LED camera



7" Colour Reversing Camera System with great LCD monitor & CAM50 LED camera



5" Colour Reversing Camera System. with compact LCD monitor & CAM80 LED camera



7" Colour Reversing Camera System. with great LCD monitor & CAM80 LED camera


RVS594 (Twin)

Hi-tech 5" Twin Camera System. "Promobil" Test winner  Preset twin lenses for optimal close and distance vision with 40 and 140 aperture angles. Top 5" LCD colour technology & great picture brightness. 


Extension cables and other dedicated Waeco extras are also available if purchased along with a camera and/or system (not separately). Spare monitors are available please enquire about your specific model.

Separate Cameras & Monitors  -  i.e. Camera / Monitor only

C) Mostly available to order only, price to be checked then

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Ducato-Boxer X250 Brake light mount to take the colour cylinder camera 16 - for existing rev/navigation systems.



CAM16BK NAV Ducato-Boxer X250 brake light console including the colour cylinder camera - for existing rev/nav systems.



CAM16 Colour Cylinder Camera for the above X250 unit



PerfectView CAM33C1 (RV-33)  Twin Lens Reversing Camera System with low light LEDs (CAM33C)



PerfectView CAM33C3 (RV-33) Kit with RV-AMP/4 Box. Twin Lens Camera kit with LEDs. The connection box allows you to connect the camera to almost any monitor with NTSC video format. Second AV video output (RCA), e.g. for computers, navigation, TV.



Connection box RV-AMP/4.  Allows connection of Waeco cameras to almost any monitor with automatic video format recognition.



Colour Camera as supplied with kits



White Colour Camera as supplied with kits



Colour Camera 50 as supplied with kits. Silver or white options ex Germany mostly so allow 3-4 weeks or so.


Other spare cameras, monitors, cables, etc can be obtained. You will need advice from Dometic-Waeco Technical as to exactly which model suits your application - there are scores of apparently similar items!

Extension cables and other dedicated Waeco extras are also available if purchased along with a camera and/or system (not separately). You'll need part numbers. Spare monitors & cameras are available please enquire about specifics. Spares may take a week, sometimes several weeks from Dometic-Waeco.


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