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  Fuel Cells - bags of independent power!    

NB: These items are all brought in to order. The Brexit Pound will affect these prices, we currently expect a ~5% increase but this is exchange rate related so can only guarantee prices by quote at the point of order.

EFOY COMFORT fuel cell again in Top 3 Promobil reader survey 2012: "For the fifth consecutive time, the readers of Promobil, Europe’s biggest motor home magazine, have ranked the EFOY COMFORT fuel cell among the Top 3 brands in their annual reader survey". "More than 50 manufacturers have EFOY as standard equipment in their 2009 series motorhomes".

Earlier Releases: "EFOY Fuel Cell by SFC Wins 2009 ‘Best Product’ Award from Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly: MMM Reader Survey Silver Medal in 'Best Product of the Year'". "Promobil: Annual reader award ... awarded bronze to the EFOY fuel cell ... beating all solar cell producers".

EFOY Comfort. Ultra quiet ultra clean independent power: 

The EFOY COMFORT series of fuel cells is the fourth generation of SFC Energy’s environmentally friendly power generators for consumer and leisure applications like motor homes, holiday and mountain cabins, and sailboats. The powerful, silent all-season on board power source for leisure applications is available in three models, depending on the customers’ individual power requirements. Now around 20% more fuel efficient too!

SFC has already sold more than 24,000 fuel cell power generators for powering electric and electronic devices away from the grid in consumer, industry, and defense applications. They are used wherever a reliable, weather independent and maintenance free power source is needed. In motor homes, the EFOY COMFORT fuel cell recharges the on board batteries, fully automatically, 24/7, without requiring user intervention. EFOY COMFORT fuel cells are available throughout Europe as standard or optional equipment at over 50 mobile home manufacturers. The 5 or 10 litre EFOY fuel cartridges are available at over 1,500 sales outlets in Europe and enable autonomy for weeks. Dealer Smartphone App available too.

Efoy Advantages: Eco-friendly, clean, maintenance-free, fully automatic and almost silent 12v power anywhere you like and all year round!  Anywhere includes in welcome shade when camping in the south!  Gain true independence via these high tech, fully mobile, smart fuel cells running on the huge energy reserves stored in methanol. Methanol fuel cells are based on a simple principle - 'burn' alcohol and get electricity + water + some CO2 in return. In this case the 'burn' is a chemical process rather than combustion and the amount of undesirable CO2 produced is very small "the amount found in a small child's breath".

The top end Efoy Comfort 210 generates 8.8 Amps at 12v giving up to 210Ahrs per day (!).  and on just 1.7L of fuel. For comparison this is 7x to 8x the output of a 100W Solar panel in near optimum conditions!  Even the baby 80 gives an extremely handy 80AHrs/day at 3.3 Amps. Complete with Automatic Charge Control & Monitor, suitable for both lead-acid and lead-gel batteries. Already very popular in Europe where travel independence is the norm - and now readily available here as well. Genuinely 'smart', once connected these fuel cells continuously monitor your leisure batteries and when the voltage drops the cell automatically recharges them, silently, cleanly, efficiently, this really is techno-magic!

Which one? Well, as with most power items if in doubt stretch to the next size up, you'll never regret it. Light users will be happy with the 80 but all-year and high power users should certainly think about the 140 or 210 for optimum performance. Although all are very quiet do remember that the biggest is inevitably just a bit louder than the smallest. Do note too that fuel consumption doesn't vary across the range they all use 0.9L per kWHr generated, the major differences are just in the amps offered and so total AHrs per day. A 10L fuel container yields 11.1 kWh = 925Ahs. Actual consumption is hard to estimate since it depends on lifestyle but an MMM tester said "one 5L lasted us right through the winter".

Easy Installation EFOY fuel cells are easy to install using the mounting set included as standard equipment. You don’t need to do too much mounting or wiring and you needn’t make large holes in your roof! Where can I mount the EFOY fuel cell in my motor home? Thanks to its compact size and light weight, you can mount the EFOY fuel cell just about anywhere in your camper or trailer where the exhaust can be vented to the outside. Ideal locations for the cell include a side or rear storage compartment or sub-floor. All Efoy Comfort units include the full Comfort equipment-set.

Sample instructions available and advice on suitable capacities and also fuel consumption gladly given, also an interesting write up about an actual installation, just email us.  Buy Below >>>

Manufacturer's information:  PDFs in a new window:  MH Flyer  User Manual  Installation  Tech Data


Comfort 80

Comfort 140

Comfort 210






24 months

24 months

60 months

Charging capacity

80 Ah/day

140 Ah/day

210 Ah/day

Nominal voltage

12 V

 12 V

12 V

Charge current




Nominal power

40 W

 72 W

105 W

Methanol consumption

0.9 l/kWh

0.9 l/kWh

0.9 l/kWh


7.0 kg

 7.5 kg

8.2 kg

Dimension in cm (LxWxH)

44.3x 20.2 x 28.8

 44.3x 20.2 x 28.8

44.3x 20.2 x 28.8


12 V lead batteries
Lead-acid or lead-gel or AGM

 12 V lead batteries
Lead-acid or lead-gel or AGM

 12 V lead batteries
Lead-acid or lead-gel or AGM


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Efoy Fuel Cells


NB: These items are all brought in to order. The Brexit Pound will affect these prices, we currently expect a ~5% increase but this is exchange rate related so can only guarantee prices by quote at the point of order.


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Efoy Comfort 80 Fuel Cell   (80 amp-hours/day) 



Efoy Comfort 140 Fuel Cell  (140 amp-hours/day)



Efoy Comfort 210 Fuel Cell  (210 amp-hours/day) 


NB: Fuel is not yet generally available by mail order - due to carrier/shipping difficulties with methanol

For business addresses only we may be able to deliver multiples at something like 50. We can deliver smaller quantities along with an Efoy unit but again only to business addresses for the time being.

There is a minimum order value of 174 for the fuel only service i.e. 40L in 10s or 30L in 5s or other variants to value  Maybe you can share with colleagues one of whom has a business delivery address?!


Efoy Methanol Fuel Cartridge   2x 5L
Collect only - ex Daventry



Efoy Methanol Fuel Cartridge  2x 10L
Collect only - ex Daventry



Delivery - Business Address ONLY & Multiples*

Minimum order value Excl shipping is 174.


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