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 FAQS - Carriage, Export, VAT



Carriage charges, zones, policy

Nobody likes carriage: but as an on-line mail-order company we're stuck with it. Here's how we subsidise it for you and how it works in general.

Standard carriage charges: we are proud that our charges are very low compared to many of our competitors and that UK Standard Zone charges are clearly visible in your shopping basket/initial-checkout - and before the final checkout and also viewable before you enter all your details.  There are no logins, registrations or other commitments needed to view the order total complete with standard carriage and VAT - as is best practice. Many competitors fail to use best practice!

Shared Carriage: Many of our products are large and/or heavy so carriage is an expensive item for us even 'on contract'. Shipping inverters, awnings & solar panels is very different to Amazon sending you a book or CD. We share these higher costs with you on lower cost items and actually pay it completely for you on dearer ones. Our standard carriage is based on the total order value* so you won't run up large carriage charges by adding extra items as you do on some other outdoor websites, in fact adding more often tips your order over into 'free carriage'.  * Some exceptional items carry an additional once-per-basket handling charge to cover some of the extra carriage - we warn of this on the shopping pages.

Standard? Our Standard carriage is to Mainland GB/UK - excluding the Highlands Delivery Zone.

Current on-line carriage offer: *
Standard Carriage: 4.95 to 10, Then 5.95 up to 50, 6.95 to 100 then FREE* over 100 
* Extra size/weight/content charges may still apply to lead-acid batteries, long awnings, heavy, etc.

Large low-cost items: Just a few awkward/heavy/bulky but lower priced items must carry an extra carriage charge, Fiamma levels are a good example - In this case the extra one-off basket charge of typically 1 or 2, is applied just once to the complete basket to cover the extra 'bulky cost'.

Larger Items Still: Very large/long/heavy items like awnings really cost a lot to send, our extra basket charge for these will mostly be in the 6 - 12 range and is added to the shopping basket before checkout so you can see all costs at an early stage. Typical rates for the mainstream awnings at 2020 are 4/6.00 >1.5m, 6/8.00 >2m, 8/10.00 >3m, 10/12 for 4m+ and 12/15 for 5m+, actual amount displayed in the shopping cart of course. These are actually a subsidised prices, it costs us around double that! Items like batteries containing acid and/or weighing more than 25kg may have special costs or limitations.

Where items are carriage paid or carry individual charges that is clearly indicated on the product page.

ETA: Most items arrive in 1-2 days but we only 'guarantee' overnight if taken as a specific paid for service and ordered sufficiently early in the day. Delays are notified only by email.

Overnight: is available as an add-to-cart item on the page or via our offshore page linked near the bottom of the drop-down menus. (it isn't part of the checkout). Delivery is Mon-Fri, usually 8am-6pm.

Please ask for quotations for other locations. Small packets are no problem but do be aware that sending large and/or heavy items to Ireland, Channel islands, Highlands, etc., is far from cheap!

Offshore and Highlands are all by quotation, in all other cases our standard carriage charges apply. NB: Northern Ireland is 'offshore' for all but jiffy bags / small parcels of modest value.

Exports General: We regularly ship to Ireland, North & South and to Europe at cost, typically our 'Ireland/Europe C & D' services on that offshore page above.  Often via an 'add-to cart' button on the shopping page too. Our N... & A... coded items are fairly easy to export with Europe including Ireland typically 29.00 but items that are R... or D... coded or without any letter prefix can be surprisingly expensive even to 'UK' addresses like NI or CI or Scottish Highlands & Islands. An offshore carriage cost of 50 to 100 is not unknown. Carriers are increasing wary over parcels over 1m long so longer items may cost more too. NB: All Thule are R-coded so not exported except via a forwarder as below.

We do not generally export to worldwide destinations like US, OZ, NZ, Iceland, RU, etc., we can however ship to a UK forwarding address for countries like OZ, Africa, US, IS, and when Ireland is difficult, customers then arrange their own forwarding - and their own returns if applicable. See 'Personal Forwarding' further below.

Europe: We can ship many items to Europe/EU if of modest size and weight and coded N.... or A.... - but never R...., never Gas Cylinders, and rarely the plain six digit Thule part numbers like 308545.  Costs are mostly on our Ireland/Europe C & D services found under our 'Special Items, Extra Carriage, Rush' menu item as well as on several likely product pages. 29 - 32 is fairly typical but may be more for 'awkward' items or addresses. Please note there are restrictions to this, typically single package 20Kg max, 1.5m max, a+b+c 3m max, no gas cylinders, no acid batteries, no solvents etc. Also an added import tax / administration charge applies to Norway and possibly elsewhere, but France, Germany, Spain. etc are straightforward, Greece can be more expensive as is all EU offshore. Not all products can be exported. Some Dometic and also all Thule in particular are difficult for us to export. Zero-rated is not generally possible due to internal technical reasons. See also 'Personal Forwarding' below.

Personal Forwarding Worldwide: There is an excellent online company called who offer easy forwarding of goods bought from any UK company. You open a free membership with them and they allocate a permanent UK address to you - like "Your-name, 12345 York House ... Preston ... UK" ; you then order goods from anywhere you like on mainland GB to be delivered to your membership address at standard GB/UK rates ; they then forward the goods to you at your cost at their standard rates. These purchases can be made as often as you like and always using the same member address. For UK to channel Islands check out, for UK/USA to NZ this youshop link, and for UK/USA to Ireland (S) check out Other services exist, we recently learned of one for Russia.  Forwarding Limitations: The sale is then entirely UK based and subject to UK law, custom, taxes and specification and also returns procedure of course. If you choose to reject the goods there, maybe because you think their carriage is too expensive, they will charge you to return it to the seller and then we will charge the outgoing carriage at cost (there is a real cost even on 'free carriage'), so please do consider these issues before placing such an order. Look before you leap and you will get an excellent service!  Many UK companies like us will provide emailed PDF invoices but not specialist export paperwork.

Law & Custom: Please note – a purchase made here and delivered in the UK (as to e.g.) will be treated as wholly UK based and subject only to UK law & custom. also we make no guarantees about product spec for different markets our products are all brought in for use in the UK and UK vehicles holidaying in Europe..


VAT & Tax Invoices

UK VAT is included in all our prices - as they should be on every retail page - best practice again.

VAT invoices are available on request and will follow by email separately from the goods, often a day but sometimes a few days later. We have some business customers who regularly take advantage of this.

Zero-rated or VAT-exempt supplies & exports are not generally possible for internal technical reasons.

You do get the best deals including carriage/post by purchasing on line.


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