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 FAQS - Cashback Scheme Info



Cashback offers: Some are just for 'Members' of recognised Clubs.  Some are 'Sale' for everyone!

Check the page headline flash for member or sale.  NB: Cash-back with on-line purchases only

This is quite an offer and is entirely genuine - as a recognised Club Member you can buy something you want and get a cash back discount of up to 100.  Same for Sale cashback offers for everyone.

Yes really - as a real bonus, we're giving you the opportunity to get back around 5% of your
on-line purchases!  This scheme is entirely separate from any seasonal discount voucher or other discount schemes and cannot be combined with other offers - these are either/or offers.

This is quite an offer and entirely genuine -

Member: buy on-line and can then promptly provide evidence of recognised club membership we will normally give you a 5% cashback on qualifying items, this is paid as a refund against the purchased goods. Just a few items are at 2% or 3% and a few at an exceptional 10% - all as shown on the purchase page. There is a slight refund delay, cashbacks are not instant.

Sale: buy on-line and receive an automatic cashback of around 5% on qualifying items, this is paid as a refund against the purchased goods. Just a few items are at 2% or 3% and a few at an exceptional 10% - all as shown on the purchase page. There is a slight refund delay, cashbacks are not instant.

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So, How does it work?

It's simple really: On any page with the "... Cashback ..." line at the top, just purchase anything you need using our normal on-line checkout and if it is a Member offer then also provide some evidence of membership of a recognised motorhome related club and we will then refund your cashback.

Qualifying 'clubs'?  e.g. CC / C&MC, CCC, MHF, OAL, SBMCC, MHList, ECC, etc.

What's the difference between Discount and Cashback?  In the end nothing as long as the % is the same. In practice though a discount is applied at the time of purchase while a Cashback is given as a refund applied later - soon after the purchase & delivery is complete.

Percentage - of what? and when?

This members discount scheme is typically 5% of our already discounted prices - but it can be 2% to 10%. We try to show the rate at the top of the product shopping page and it is paid as a cashback via the usual refund system so goes back to whatever was used to make the payment. The % is applied to the value of the qualifying goods ordered on-line from a cashback page during the period of the offer. Carriage is excluded as are other non-cashback items as marked or from a different non-cashback page unless agreed by email. Normally each order is treated separately.

Are there any rules and restrictions?

Well yes there have to be a few. • The initial purchase value has to be for 100 or more (or as specified) and the cashback itself is subject to a maximum of 100. These values cover the majority of on-line purchases made on our site. • All purchases must be made on-line. • Your own valid membership identity or discount code must be provided in the message box during checkout or promptly by email immediately following purchase - not necessary of course for Sale Cashbacks.  Valid identity might be a membership number or a displayed forum username. We reserve the right to check for validity. Naturally we will not ask for passwords. • The offer only applies to mainland UK and pre-paid on-line orders with included VAT and excludes all PP. • Any returns will be taken into account and their value deducted from the cash-back calculation along with any carriage costs. • Some items are excluded from this offer so please note - if there is no "Member / Sale Cashback" banner at the top of the page then there is no offer on those products! • Spare parts and individual sale items are normally excluded. • Only one offer of any kind is allowed per purchase, so for example you might be able to opt for a free groundsheet with a Privacy room or a Members Discount where available or a Seasonal Discount Voucher or Voucher Redemption but not more than one offer per purchase. • Bargain bin / bin-end or individually marked "sale" or "special offer" items are always excluded from all the discount schemes.

Summary: This is quite an offer and entirely genuine - as a qualifying online customer you can buy something you want now and get a cash-back-refund discount of up to 100

How will it work in practice?

To claim your cashback discount on a 100+ on-line purchase made during the offer period ...

Members Cashback: Simply provide your own membership details by email immediately following checkout. All we need is the membership number or displayed login/alias for your own account and the name of the organisation (CC or CMC or CCC will do as the names of the two main clubs). Please do not send us passwords. We reserve the right to check that these details are valid and will routinely audit them. Privacy: We respect your privacy and security so this information is used only for the cashback scheme, no other purpose, and is not retained longer term.

Sale Cashback: The refund will occur automatically, it takes a few days, please feel free to remind us if nothing is received back into your card / account within 7-10 days.

Using the same email address helps us link the events of course, (your account email is up to date?!).

Our system will automatically charge you our normal purchase price for these goods but soon after receipt of the information we will send your cashback as a partial refund. A few days delay is normal to allow us to account for any returns or adjustments. Otherwise we'll be as prompt as we can with these refunds but can't guarantee they will be instant!

Added note:  We do the refunds in batches so anything from 2-7 days is normal depending on how your order date relates to the batch date - and sometimes up to 14 days is possible but unusual. Do email us if it has taken a long time and you think we might have missed yours.

Is anything else affected?

No, all our usual terms apply, VAT is included in all prices, delivery is charged per order based on gross order value and is in any case Free over 100 as long as it is 'standard delivery', i.e. to mainland UK delivery zone excluding the 'Highlands' area. Sometimes we have other carriage offers running and these still apply to all orders. Info: Some oversize, over-long, over heavy, or other exceptional items will still carry an extra handing charge which is added to the carriage and is displayed in the basket; long awnings, cookers, and lead-acid batteries are examples of this.

All totals are calculated and displayed in our shopping basket before actual checkout, so do feel free to use add-to-cart to check totals and/or amend a basket at any time. The cashback amount will not be displayed in the basket. The cart / basket contents will be remembered for some time so you can return to it to make amendments. Every shopping page has a View-Basket button towards the bottom of the page and the home page has a View-Cart picture link top right. There are no identity issues, nor any money taken until you actually check out with your card or PayPal account nor is any login or registration required to add-to-cart or to view the basket/cart contents and any carriage.

For your extra security no human ever sees your card or payment details other than the paid amount.

Privacy: We respect your privacy so any membership checking will be just to confirm validity of the membership-name, no other personal information is involved. We will never ask for anything like passwords or personal information.

Delays?  We do very occasionally have issues with the database system we use to manage the cashback payments. If yours has been delayed we do apologise, remind us if necessary, we do endeavour to keep cashback payments prompt and up to date!

Spare Parts are normally excluded from these offers as are individual sale items.

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