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Shopping Cart Checkout Hints & Problem Solving

We do get a few calls and emails saying our checkout doesn't work or won't accept a card. The vast majority of these are resolved with a little help from us so hopefully you'll find this summary useful ...

Security:  Just a quick note first to say that no-human ever sees any of the financial info you enter at our checkout, it is all processed on secure servers hidden from human view and these servers make the agreed charge electronically. Your address and contact info and total paid are of course forwarded to us so we can process your order but quite rightly we are unable to see financial details or to change or interfere with them in any way except to refund monies as/when appropriate. Refunds go back to wherever the payment originated, all your details again completely hidden and fully secure.

Secure Pages Info: The many browsing and add-to-cart pages here are not secured and you may see browser warnings about that - but when transferred from cart to checkout you will move to a fully secured site and you can see/verify that if you wish before entering any personal or financial details.

View Basket:  The shopping basket or shopping cart remembers your additions for some time even when that window is closed and on many devices even if you close the browser. The cart uses cookies to track your order progress to achieve this - but not for any other purpose. You can add further items to the cart from any of our shopping pages and the cart/basket will then reappear. You can 'View Basket' at any time via the 'View Basket' button near the bottom of any shopping page and/or via the cart picture link near top right of the home page. All very handy if you get extra products in the cart by mistake - you can remove unwanted items or amend quantities at any time using view basket.

Checkout via a PayPal Account or Checkout with just a Bank Card:

Checkout via a PayPal account:  To purchase add all your item/s to cart using the Add-to-Cart buttons then go to checkout by clicking on the branded 'Check out with PayPal' button. Then login to your PayPal account as usual on the next screen. Once into your account you can choose to pay from your account balance or from a registered card - for this card option look for a small link saying ‘Change' next to the ‘Payment Method’ sub-heading. In either case PayPal will use the address and contact details already registered with them. This is quick and convenient but you must ensure your registered details are up to date and correct.  A common problem is out of date emails and phone numbers - even addresses!

Checkout using a Bank Card as a Guest:  A popular no-account route in daily use. To purchase add all your item/s to cart using the Add-to-Cart buttons then go to checkout by clicking on the plain (bank card) Checkout button. On the next screen Ignore all encouragement to login/join and click on the link saying "Checkout as a Guest" or "Pay with a debit or credit card" or "Don't have a PayPal account" or similar to open the card details screen. The checkout server may experiment with new screens designed mostly for login but lower down the page you should always see 'Pay/Checkout as a Guest' or similar, so just follow that route to use your card without logging in to anything! **  Next choose your card type using the drop-down box to reveal the data boxes suitable for that card type. Enter your details taking particular care over the card numbers and dates, your name as it appears on the card, the address as on the card account/statement, plus a delivery contact phone number, and a valid email address - please do get it right, this email address will be used for receipts, acknowledgements and all order communications and causes lots of trouble if incorrect! 

either button should offer a guest checkout but the plain one should give a more direct route.

Address: Important: Any address given during card checkout must be the card statement address, and the bank country must also be the same as the statement address, this is part of the security check on your card, not delivery instructions!  Delivery address is a separate issue dealt with via a message. You may be asked for a delivery method as part of the checkout - if there aren't multiple choices in the drop-down just select 'default'. Other delivery options like express & export are via add-to-cart items on the shopping page. Finally you must check the 'read/agree terms' box to continue.

Highlands - Europe - Express:  These are not checkout selectable items. You'll find them as add-to-cart items on the shopping page/s or via the menus, in menus you'll find a link 'Express Offshore' or 'Special Amounts'. Values on these pages can be added to basket - like adding an extra product.

Worldwide?  Sorry no, except via a personal forwarding service like as a wholly UK transaction. Ireland?  Sometimes but it is expensive so the value needs to be fairly high.

** If for some reason you are still logged-in to a PayPal account from earlier activity including opting for their "Stay logged in for faster Checkout" or "activate one-touch" you will not be offered these card/guest options, if that is the case you'll need to log-out somehow before proceeding. It's logical enough - if logged-into PayPal they will assume that's how you want to pay. Choosing PayPal Express checkout options on earlier purchases here or elsewhere may mean you are permanently and/or automatically logged-in by default, you can still manually log-out on the PayPal website though.

Problems encountered:  Common issues seem to be:  Pop-up Blocker seeing the new page for the shopping cart as a pop-up and blocking it, a temporary disable like Ctrl+click seems to solve the problem as in A below; Address entered not matching the statement address for the card, or bank country and address don't match;  Wrong card type chosen from drop-down;  Invalid email address or Invalid email format entered;  Contact Phone number omitted. Read/agree terms box not clicked.

If the screen reappears as before but all or partially blank that is often a sign that the card details have been rejected for some reason, usually as incomplete or invalid, please recheck the items above.

This can sometimes/rarely be caused by an over restrictive cookie policy on your device that will not allow the data to passed over to the next screen and you might then have to enter the details again.

We also have a few reports of the checkout not offering the pay by card link but only an option to create an account. This irritating but thankfully rare seems to be something to do with local caching/cookies and can usually be got round with some persistent refreshing1 of that page and possibly also cancel and then checkout again. NB: You cannot be charged twice if you haven't actually checked out but should just check the quantities in the cart are still correct before going to a repeat checkout.
Strong refresh in Windows = Ctrl+F5, or on a Mac = Cmd+Shift+R.

We have reports that some tablets refuse to co-operate with the PayPal cart checkout. No further details unfortunately just quotes like "problem was caused by the fact that I was trying to order on my tablet and it wouldn't accept it. As soon as I switched to the laptop it went through first time".

Not forgetting of course that banks reject payments fairly regularly whenever their software robots mistake your straightforward purchase for a fraud attempt!  Computers really aren't that clever it seems!

Delivery address:  Do not enter a different delivery address as part of your card details this must match the card statement! If a different delivery address is required use the 'Message to ...' link or email us immediately following checkout. Some checkout screens now have separate boxes for you to enter a delivery address. Also please let us have a delivery address phone number for the carrier if different to your main contact details. To contact us, one suitable email address for us is info@.

Highlands - Europe - Express:  These are not checkout selectable items. You will find them as add-to-cart items on the shopping page/s - or via the menus you'll find a link 'Express Offshore' or 'Special Amounts'. Values on these pages can be added to basket - like adding an extra product. Worldwide?  Sorry no, except via a personal forwarding service like as a wholly UK transaction.

Smartphone:  If on a small screen device like a smartphone or mini-tablet the Add-to-Cart and Checkout buttons may be off to the right. We get quite few reposts that 'guest checkout' for cards isn't presented but we know that may just be off the bottom of the screen. Remember to swipe up/down left/right!

Amending a PayPal Account Email or Phone Number:  We all change our email addresses from time to time and our mobiles too - but when doing so it is very important to make sure your email and mobile-phone details are updated on your PayPal account - not least to be able to receive the emailed payment receipts & order confirmations & updates! 

To do this, login to your account at the PayPal website using the old registered email and password (just as when making a payment) and then edit your PayPal 'Profile'. The Edit & Save buttons can be well over to the right so do scroll across to see them and do remember to save changes. You cannot phone or write to do this, you must login to your account.  NB: You can add a new email address and make it 'Primary' without deleting your old login email - this trick can make life simpler because you still login with the old details but receive your receipts and order acknowledgements on your new email! 

NB: Some older Email Addresses are being Cancelled:  Some email providers are now closing older accounts, this seems to mostly affect orange, freeserve & wanadoo at the moment. So, in particular for PayPal users - do please log into your PayPal account as above and do bring your email address and phone number up to date. The info held on your account is sent to sellers like us as the contact details. You'd be amazed at how often we are unable to contact buyers because their info is out of date!

Add-to-Cart or Checkout Failures or Drop-outs? 

A: We have had some reports of the process failing or 'dropping out' or 'PayPal not responding' at the point of transfer to the secure cart/checkout server. This can be because your browser sees the transfer to a new window as a pop-up and blocks it. It is normally possible to temporarily disable pop-up blocking or to allow pop-ups for specific sites, sometimes even to use the easy Ctrl+click on the Add-to-Cart button to override the block on a click by click basis.

B: Apple's Safari seems to have known problems with the PayPal secure server and shopping basket system (this handles both our PayPal and Card checkouts). Downloading and using Google Chrome for some of your online shopping seems to be the usual fix. PayPal may make more changes so plainly we're not sure how these might affect checking out on devices using Safari - any feedback appreciated. 

C: There do also seem to be problems with some of the latest Internet Explorer updates and some checkout systems. While there will be ways to reconfigure IE this can be time consuming and some customers have said it was easier to just download Google Chrome and to use it for all or just some of their on-line shopping, one came back to us and said ... "downloaded Chrome ... the problem just went away". Chrome is a simpler beast than IE and well worth having - you can run both on one computer.

D: Firewalls can of course cause problems too, if this is likely or possible for you there is usually a way to tell them to accept/allow certain domains like and Even if paying by card the transaction is still handled on a secure server so that needs to be accepted by your device / firewall.

You do get the best deals including carriage/post by purchasing on line.


If you have persistent difficulties please let us know - where there’s a will there’s a way!



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