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NEW: Awning Heaters:  Stylish 230v heaters easily fitted to Fiamma and Omnistor awnings to extend each end of the day just that little bit further!  Absolutely ideal for an al fresco breakfast or relaxing sundowners! The Carnival Quartz 750W heater is a beautifully crafted low wattage heater using state of the art Quartz technology. Made in Britain by one of the worlds leading patio heater makers, is ideal for caravans and motorhomes so now adapted to fit Fiamma and Omnistor roll-out awnings using a special bracket. Short-wave infrared provides comfortable heat at the flick of a switch. This high frequency heat penetrates the air, warming the individual and not the air in between. This unique form of heating is highly energy efficient, instant and extremely effective, particularly when providing heat outside or in hard to heat areas. And there is no pre-heating time or heat loss due to drafts or warm air rising!  Brilliant!  (Non-Fiamma)  Buy Below >>>

New:  Omni LED Light Strip - fits any Awning. Truly excellent new and low power consumption awning light. Very effective and very slim, it is flexible and fully water-weather-proof, self-adhesive for easy application to clean surfaces, long life, and can even be shortened in 5cm sections. The strip has 60 Power LEDs per metre consuming roughly 350mA per metre and is supplied with a one metre 12v power lead. Uses outdoor 3M tapes and the whole thing is weatherproof to IP66. Amazing!  (50000083)

Click here to see the Fiamma LEDs range as a PDF extract from their 2013 Catalogue 

LED lighting indoors and out seems to be the current 'must have' - very kind to leisure batteries too!

Fiamma Awning Options:  Blockers, Groundsheets and Patio Mats, Rafters including the curved Rafter Pro, Awning Lights especially the new LED versions and an Automatic Door and/or Security Light, Motor Kits, Spare Telescopic Crank Handles, Wall Brackets, Tie Downs, Awning Hangers, Pegs, Plates, Bags and also Special Adaptors for particular vehicles. Sikaflex is extremely handy too. Downloads: a PDF of the accessories here and the adaptors catalogue pages as PDF here, both open in new windows or tabs. Examples below, hover mouse for info ...  (Privacy Rooms & Accessories are on separate pages, see index).

LED lighting indoors and out seems to be the current 'must have' - very kind to leisure batteries too!

Blockers:  A whole system of panels that can be added to Fiamma and other awnings to provide extra shelter privacy and even a budget enclosure - like a room but less sophisticated and a bit draughtier!  Note there are several types of blockers, some are full height complete with mudwall and maybe a window while others are short and are guyed to the ground with a fairly substantial gap at the base as left. Some are made from fully windproof pvc while others are designed as sunshades and diffuse the light and also any wind. Not all blockers fit all awnings so do look out for references to F45, F65, F35, Caravanstore etc. and for more information on most of these do take a look at our PDF catalogue extract of accessories hereGo to Blockers now >>>

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Fiamma and Independent Awning Accessories      Any Greyed-out items are not available


Awning Lighting & Heating  -  all are 'installed' lights unless otherwise stated

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Solar Powered LED Tie Down Lights  No installation required. Never trip over those tie downs in the dark again! Units take Fiamma Tie down straps threaded through back.



Fiamma Awning Light 31 LED  Painted Alloy for use indoors or out. NB 574mm long. No Switch.



Fiamma LED Sensor Light for Door and/or Security Lights for 1 min on a person's approach in the dark. Use several for security. Otherwise similar to awning light above.



Fiamma Garage Light 31 LED  Similar to awning light above but with built-in switch.  12v 3.1W 0.33A.



Fiamma Awning Arms LED Lighting System  4 LED light kits mounted on a support and easily attached to the awning arms. Each group of lights has 9 LEDs  12v 1.8W  0.4A.



Kit Cables Rail For use with Awning arms LED installed on an F45Ti - not necessary on an F45TiL. 2pcs ea 1225mm.



Fiamma Rafter LED  Innovative telescopic rafter with 17 brilliant LEDs and built-in switch. Auto-on is possible when installed in prewired F45 awnings. Fits other brands. 3.6W



Kit Awning LED  Two 10 LED lights for installation on F45 and F65 awnings and earlier models. 12v 1W


Tie-downs, Handles, Pegs, Poles, Bags, etc

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Kit Rain Guard F65/F65S 4m  (98655-020)



Other Rain Guard S/M/L - only by 30m rolls sorry



Rain Caps F45S Pair  (06893-01-)  (Also for Zip)
Pair Privacy end covers against rain to put on the front rail end caps of the awning, suitable for F45S & ZIP S.



Rain Caps F45L Pair  (06893A01-)  (Also for Zip-L)
Pair Privacy end covers against rain to put on the front rail end caps of the awning, suitable for F45L & ZIP L.



Tie Down Kit Yellow  (Recommended) (98655-128)



Tie Down Kit Black  (Recommended) (98655-129)



Tie Down S Black  (Recommended) (98655-133)
New tie down kit anchoring in the lead bar (front rail)



Tie Down S Yellow  (Recommended) (98655-567)
New tie down kit anchoring in the lead bar (front rail)



Kit Awning Pegs  (98655-880)  Screw in pegs & plates kit.



Kit Awning Plate  (98655-724)  2pcs plus straight pegs.



Kit Awning Hangers (98655-743) 6 Handy hooks for front slot. Fit any 7mm rail slot. great for drying / airing clothes!



Crank Handle Short 51cm (01756B01A) -



Crank Handle Standard 123cm  (04660-01-)



Crank Handle Telescopic 154-240cm  (03878C01-)



Clips for Crank Handles - Small Pair  (98655-095)



Clips for Crank Handles - Large Pair  (98655-094)



Spoiler S  F45 Ti/Ti-L/i/i-L  Polar White  (05150-01A)



Universal Spoiler  Aerodynamic roof spoiler for reducing vibrations and roof light noise. UV resistant white PVC. Can be shortened to adapt to 110 cm to 28 cm. (06289-01-)



Repair Kit Plus  (98655-466)



Sikaflex 512 300ml for mastic gun - Delivered price
The Outdoor PU Adhesive/sealant for motorhome use.



Wall Brackets (as standard delivered).  (98655-176)



Wall Brackets ALU.  (98655-728)

Recommended for use in very low temperatures.



Kit Cover Adapter (AS120) 3pcs (+ fits 8cm)  (98655-678)



Reinforcement Plates Internal (Top) 2pcs.  (98656-275)
Also know as "Heavy Fix Top"



Reinforcement Plates XL (Bottom) 2pcs.  (98656-274)



Fiamma Megabag  140x27x40h cm (03856D01-)



Fiamma Megabag Light  140x25x25h cm (06052-01A)


Motor Kits

Motor kits are available for F45 & F65 series in White and Anodised finishes, some in the integrated design. There are quite a few variables and only limited stocks so please do if interested.

Rafters & Clip Systems

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Clip System S F45i - 250. Separate - for newer 250cm awnings only.  Also suitable cut to length for 5002/3.   (98655-610)  For Windblocker Sunshades too.
NB. Older Blue & Grey versions would need modification.



Magic Rafter Pro - Universal Longitudinal & Telescopic.

Anti-pooling. For 3.5-4.5m  (98655-847)  Fits other brands.



Magic Rafter - Universal Longitudinal  Telescopic

For 2.5-4.0m (98655-716)  Fits other brands too.



Straight Rafter for F45  (98655-087)

In short supply until late September



Rafter Pro (Curved Rain Repelling)  (03616A01-)
Fiamma caution against continuous use - for 'raining' only



Rapid Set  F45 DIY Side Fixing System  (03732-01-)



Rafter Caravanstore (03888-01-)



Caravanstore Support Leg  (03732C01-)


Skirting, Mats, Groundsheets

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Caravan Skirting Kit 4.5m  (Anti-draught/cat/rabbit!)
With a beaded edge to slide into caravan c-rail (98655-084)



Motorhome Skirting Kit 5.5m  (Anti-draught/cat/rabbit!)
With a popper system to fix to the motorhome (98655-090)



Motorhome Skirting VW T5 2.5m  (Anti-draught/cat/rabbit!)
With an elastic strap system to fix to vehicle. (98655-387)



New: Rear Skirting VW T5  (06538-01-)



Motorhome Skirting Ducato X250 SWB 4.25m
With an elastic strap system to fix to vehicle. (98655-405)



New: Rear Skirting Ducato X250  (06469-01-)



Patio Mat 290 2.9x2.5m  (05913-01-)



Patio Mat 340 3.4x2.5m  (05914-01-)



Patio Mat 390 3.9x2.5m  (05915-01-)



Patio Mat 440 4.4x2.5m  (05788-01-)



Patio Bag 90x35x16  (05726-01-)


F45 & F65 Blockers  -  for sides, front, sun, simple enclosure, etc

Blocker Pro is an F45 F65 front panel 2m high complete with window & mudwall and suits other brands too A 1x Blocker Pro + 2x Side W Pro makes a budget room. Side W Pro fits Omni 5002/3 or F65 with a Kit.

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Blocker Pro 250  235x225-280cm  (97960-02-)



Blocker Pro 260  247x225-280cm  (97960-03-)



Blocker Pro 300  285x225-280cm  (97960-06-)



Blocker Pro 350  335x225-280cm  (97960-08-)



Blocker Pro 400  385x225-280cm  (97960-10-)



Blocker Pro 450  435x225-280cm  (97960-14-)



Blocker Pro 260 VW T5 190cm  (97960-13-)(Suits 5102 too)



Side W Pro F45 - VW T5  180-200cm (97961-11-)



Side W Pro F65/F65S - DUCATO 225-280cm (97961-002)



Side W Pro F45 - With Window 225-280cm (97961-10-)

also fits F65 / 5002 / 5003 / 4900 Tristor with optional kit



Side W Pro F45XXL 280-330cm (97961-003)  

also fits F65 / 5002 / 5003 / 4900 Tristor with optional kit



Side W Pro F45 SHADE RIGHT 225-280cm (97961-005)

Version with Roller Blind at Window



Side W Pro F45 SHADE LEFT 225-280cm (97961-004)

Version with Roller Blind at Window



Kit Side for F65/F65S (98655-073)



Kit Side for Omnistor 5002/5003 (98655-311)



Kit Side for Tristor (98655-079)



Kit Side for 4900 /Tristor-2 (98655-927)


Blocker below is a short front panel 1.4m high with no-window & no-mudwall.


Blocker 300 (285x140cm) (97960-20-)



Blocker 350 (335x140cm) (97960-22-)



Blocker 400 (385x140cm) (97960-24-)


Sun View is 1.4m high and made from translucent light filtering material (~80% block).

New Sun View range here soon.


Sun View 300 (285x140cm) (97952-045)



Sun View 350 (335x140cm) (97952-050)



Sun View 400 (385x140cm) (97952-052)



Sun View Side F45 Mdm (140h - 220-260cm) (97961-05-)



Sun View Side - Large (97961-06-) No longer listed


Caravanstore - F35 Blockers  -  for sides, front, simple enclosure, etc

Blocker Pro CS is a front panel 2m high complete with window & mudwall for Caravanstore & F35.
A Blocker Pro CS plus 2x Side W Pro CS can be used as a budget enclosure - room.

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Blocker Side W Pro CS Caravanstore & F35 Pro.  Side panel with fixed window & mudwall & rafter.  (97961-03-)



Blocker Side W CS Caravanstore & F35 Pro.  With window & rafter but no mudwall.  (97961-01-)



Blocker Pro CS Front 255 (97960-02-) (only for 2004+)



Blocker Pro CS Front 280 (97960-04-) (only for 2004+)



Blocker Pro CS Front 310 (97960-06-) (only for 2004+)



Blocker Pro CS Front 360 (97960-08-) (only for 2004+)



Blocker Pro CS Front 410 (97960-10-) (only for 2004+)



Blocker Pro CS Front 440 (97960-12-) (only for 2004+)



Valance Shade Grey 410x28 Easy to shorten (98655-103)



Valance Shade Royal Grey 410x28 Shortens (98655A003)



Valance Shade Blue 410x28 Easy to shorten (98655-104)



Valance Shade Royal Blue 410x28 Shortens (98655A004)


Valence shades fit any awning front rail with slot and are simply cut to length so may suit all brands

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