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  Fiamma Accessories - 2008/9 Catalogue  

NEW:  To download the complete Fiamma 2009 Catalogue click here.
NB: this is a monster file - 36Mb!

To download the complete Fiamma 2008 Catalogue click here.

NB: This is a big file - nearly 23Mb.
You can also download individual sections as offered right.

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Here it is ... the Fiamma 2008 catalogue with individual sections presented as downloadable PDFs. As well as offering the complete catalogue as a single file we've split it up into individual topics so you can view just those of particular interest to you.

All are indexed right and each link will open in a new window when clicked; alternatively you can right click and choose 'Save Target As' to save the file directly to your PC and view it later. Some topics are quite large and may take a while to download

BY POST? Yes we can send you a printed catalogue on receipt of an A4 SAE with enough stamps for 300g as 1st or 2nd class post. See for 'large letter' rates. Just email us for the address.

2008 Cover & Intro P01-03. (590Kb)

Main Index P04-05. (160Kb)

Fiamma Features & Colours. Relates to all awnings & rooms P06-11. (420KB)

Fiamma Zip incl Caravanstore Zip. Integrated awning & room
P12-15. (490Kb)

Fiamma F45Ti & Motors only
(No Adapters) P16-20 & 25 (710Kb)

Adapters only (F45) P21-24. (3.7Mb)

Fiamma F45Ti Awnings - New
Including Adapters P16-25. (4.4Mb)

F65 & F65-Adaptors & Eagle (1.4Mb)

Privacy Rooms, Blockers,
Sides & Sun View. P30-33 (0.5Mb)

Caravanstore Awnings
And CS Privacy PP34-37. (480Kb)

F35 Awning system P38-41 (490Kb)

Awning Accessories
Incl New Patio Mat P42-47 (330Kb)

Carry Bike Range, features & Capacities. P48-51 (490Kb)

Carry Bike Pro, UL, CL and Lift ranges. P52-59 (3.2Mb)

Carry Bike Caravan. P60-61 (1.2Mb)

Carry Bike Van-SUV. P62-66 (3.2M)

Carry Bike Accessories.
Incl Covers. P67-72 (590Kb)

Carry-bike Garage and Moto
And Cargo. P73-79 (970Kb)

Boxes, Ladders and Roof Racks. P80-87 (1.6Mb)

Security. P88-91 (690Kb)

Ventilation. P92-97 (830Kb)

Bathroom & Water P98-105 (970Kb)

Levels & Accessories and Miscellaneous. P106-116 (860Kb)

Full 2008 Cat, 116 pages, 22Mb!!

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