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Caravanstore:  "The original bag awning is produced only by Fiamma. Impossible to loose pieces; fewer pieces, less weight".

Simple & Easy Bag Awning:  The first simple, easy to use, easy to install, sturdy and lightweight bag awning. Thanks to its wide roller, Caravanstore easily unrolls and rolls up and, above all, the fabric is wrinkle-free. Modern design, with no loose ropes, poles, etc!  These are relatively low cost items offering great value and are naturally big sellers for caravan use. Not recommended for motorhomes.

Benefits:  Caravanstore offers many benefits. Installation is simple - the bag edge simply slips into a standard caravan or other awning rail. Very lightweight but can also be easily removed to save a little extra weight when required. It is easy to use too, once installed it takes only minutes to roll out fully to offer excellent shelter from sun and rain. Very compact due to the clever Fiamma design where the awning rafters and rods actually fit inside the the aluminium roller tube - so there are no loose parts to fall out or even to get lost. The resulting larger diameter tube also makes for easy rolling in or out and helps keep the fabric straight and wrinkle free. Fiamma claim this is an exclusive feature that helps make Caravanstore so successful.

Construction:  Anodized aluminium legs and closed round-frame roller tube made in aluminium. The awning's rafters and rods fit inside the larger diameter round roller tube. There is no vibration when travelling and no loose parts fall out when you open the bag. The cool, cheerful, hardwearing and waterproof awning fabric offers diffused lighting with colours on both sides. Standard colours are Deluxe Grey and Blue Ocean with the grey being extremely popular. Ground hooks are supplied as standard as are rafters for awnings of 4.10m upwards and also rapid set pro on the 4.40m. Where applicable rafter supports are supplied to protect the vehicle wall. Lengths quoted are nominal bag size, the awning fabric will be rather less. Although robust these are lightweight products so users must take due care over use in bad weather.

Accessories:  Also updated in 2008. Mounting rails plus side and/or front sun and rain blockers are all available. The blocker Side W Caravanstore as illustrated is in light grey fabric with a fixed window. It suits awnings from 2.20m length upwards with mounted heights between 2.40 and 2.60m. Do note that blockers are fixed at the top and don't necessarily reach the ground - for info the rear height is 2.31m, the front height 1.91m and the base length is 2.10m. New this year is a Pro version with a PVC 'mudwall' extension at the bottom to the ground. Also new from 08 is the Blocker Pro a convenient front blocker that simply slips into the font roller and is held in position with elastic hooks & pegs. Unlike the 2004 version this has a mudwall and reaches the ground. Can be used on Caravanstore 2004 onwards. See also Caravanstore Zip Privacy.

Our view:  Ideal on smaller vehicles or where budget is very important.  Buy Below >>>

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LED lighting indoors and out seems to be the 'must have' of the moment - very kind to leisure batteries too!

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Fiamma Caravanstore in Deluxe Grey  -  also many in Blue Ocean on request.

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