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New Privacy Rooms F45 & F65 Series incl Ultra Light


"We would definitely use again, your customer service is first class" T&AW.

New from 2016 Privacy Ultra Light:  Fiamma's answer to Quickfit!  This new one-piece Fiamma Enclosure product offers speed of installation, ease of use and very versatile opening making it ideal for short stays, weekends away and indeed just for those who like to move fast! Excellent in warmer seasons & climates - for holidays in fact.

It's light, durable and very quick to assemble. Ultra Light is made from Ripstop material, a lightweight and tear-resistant fabric. The mesh of the Ripstop fabric is characterized by a weave of threads through different sections that create strength and sturdiness, whilst remaining light. This lightness allows the user to carry out assembly quickly and easily - even by just one person. The ventilated roof offers optimal temperature control and improved comfort. The double roof, (the awning fabric plus the Ripstop Privacy roof) creates an air chamber with constant ventilation thus lowering the temperature inside the Privacy. Removable front panel equipped with Crystal window and door. The side panels can be completely rolled up to offer greater comfort, visibility and coolness and are both equipped with mosquito nets to keep the pesky flies away. You can fully open the side panel/s as pictures to extend the shade surface (with optional Kit Poles Light). Furthermore, on the front panel it is possible to slide additional panels like Blocker or Sun View creating a further covered area to protect and store bikes and other accessories.

Great versatility, perfect for large motorhomes & smaller VW camper vans. Ultra Light is designed for use with F45s, F45L,F65s and F65L mostly as a Universal version suitable for Van, Medium, Large & Ducato mounted heights. Roll-able side panels equipped with windows and roller blinds, removable front panel equipped with Crystal window and door. Now in stock in modest numbers.  Buy Below >>>

Check out the manufacturer's page and video by clicking here (new tab/window)

New & Improved 2016-on Privacy:  Fiamma say "Now more functional and elegant, thanks to the restyling. The new look benefits from widened windows, rounded contours and the insertion of grey tones, these improvements make the product more stylish and modern". With the Privacy Room (safari-room) you can transform your Fiammastor or (many) Omnistor into a comfortable extra living area. The new paler two-tone fabric is easy clean and better suited to many motorcaravans and motorhomes. The new awning fabric is also more durable than earlier versions. The roll-up front panel and doorway are independent panels, which may be used on either front left or right side as you prefer. All windows are clear can be rolled up optionally leaving a large mosquito net, which provides adequate ventilation while still resisting insects!  The side panels are quickly put together with the exclusive patented and revised Fast Clip System now partially zipped too. They seal against the vehicle wall with a sponge section on the rear pole. No other fixing system is as stable as the Fiamma Clip System. New for 2013: Front & side panels with openable windows with mosquito net plus high Velcro layer for secure window closure; Fast Clip improvements for quick sandwich locking of sides to roof; Two tone white & grey vinyl fabric. Standard delivered with: Front panel with window & net and independent door that can be moved onto the right or left-hand side. 2 side panels with windows with net. Fast Clip System. Support poles. Curtains Kit in Ocean and Mega Bag.  Includes 'Kit Privacy O' for installation on Omnistor 4900 / 5002 / 5003 / Tristor. Buy Below >>>

To see the video on the manufactuer's site - Click here

Relevant Fiamma 2015 Enclosures Pages PDF in New Window - Click here

Complete Fiammastor 2015 Catalogue Section PDF (Big) - Click here

Privacy Rooms come in three heights to suit 1.80-2.10m Van, 2.25-2.50m Mdm, and 2.51-2.80 Lge **. This 'mounted height' is a vital measurement from level ground to the bottom of your awning casing as installed on your motorhome. Along with the length and colour of your awning this will specify the Privacy. These new rooms now fit all projections between 2.25 and 2.50m so are universal on depth. If you need help with any of this do . ** Extra Large mounted heights of between 2.80 and 3.30m are available to special order for 4 to 5m rooms only.  Buy Below >>>

For Vans, F65 is expected and there are versions for curved sided vehicles like Ducato-Boxer and also a High version to suit the 2007-on Ducato H3 Roof and Sprinter-Crafter.. 

F45, F45i, F45Ti, F45TiL, etc are all the same fit as far as Privacy fit is concerned.

For older F45 Plus & F45 Plus L:  On Older rooms it is necessary to shorten the clip system by carefully following the instructions; shorten the side panels by simply rolling up the sponge. NB: This info may be redundant on the most recent Privacy production - Fiamma say no longer possible. Change date unknown.

Omnistor fit:  Privacy Room and Privacy Light are compatible with Omnistor 4900/5002/5003/Tristor awnings (NB: Not Privacy Ultra-Lite) and at a cost saving over the Omni equivalent. NB: No other models. You do have to make some simple DIY adjustments but these are well illustrated in the instructions complete with a template for the clip system. Download a copy of the full instructions pdf including the 5002/3 fitting by clicking here. (Or click here to Return to the Residence page). NB: This info may be redundant on the most recent Privacy production - Fiamma no longer publish this info. Change date unknown.

New: Adhesive Skirt Studs / Accessory Studs:  Snad brand from the marine sector so good quality durable products not some cheap gimmick!  No drilling required simply stick on to a really clean vehicle surface free of dirt and wax for an elegant set of male studs without drilling. You'll need female fittings for your skirt or accessory (supplied with the Fiamma Motorhome Skirt) and then you can mount the skirt or accessories to the studs. 40mm dia  Buy below >>>

New Clip System:  Now independently available for retro fitting to earlier Privacy rooms. The new Fiamma 'Clip System' guarantees a 100% water tight seal between the awning canopy fabric and the Privacy Room side walls; this is achieved using the new Clip System. The Clip System is effectively a clamping system, with an upper and a lower section that clamp around the awning roof fabric. The Clip System also incorporates a 'C' channel, which allows the side panel to fit into, once this has been fitted the roof fabric clamping procedure begins. Because the Clip System is very strong, there is no need to use the 'Rapid Set' (as with previous models) to support the side panels, this reduces set-up and packing away times and the pack size! Installation takes just a couple of minutes with the front and side panels then connecting via self-lubricating zips. Supplied with pegs, ladder bands, guy-lines, instructions and a carrying bag (not the Megabag). NB does not fit the older blue & grey Privacy unless the sides are DIY modified.

Clip for F45 Plus & F45 Plus L:  will accept the new Clip System but it is necessary to shorten the system by carefully following the instructions; shorten the side panels by simply rolling up the sponge.

Optional Extras: In case of rain it is recommended that you use at least one 'Tension Rafter' (straight rafter) or 'Tension Rafter Pro' (curved rafter). Be careful with the curved rafter because although it is very good at eliminating water pooling and fabric flapping it can distort the awning fabric if used for extended periods in warm sunshine - so remove it when not needed. The new Magic Privacy is an excellent stabilising rafter and tie-downs are essential accessories for many. To exclude unwanted drafts, rabbits, and cats coming in under your motorhome or camper van you might also want to purchase a Fiamma 'Awning Skirt'.

F65 / F65S Privacy:  A version especially designed for the roof mounted F65 range. Primarily intended for Ducato and Sprinter high roof van fitment and available in modular lengths to suit that. Fiamma say the standard Privacy fits F65 other than Ducato/Sprinter with use of a bracket kit but picture examples we've seen suggest this doesn't really work and we suspect Fiamma will revise all this to solve the problem and keep their project to reduce the range on track. No dates though, could be a while!  As its main use is on curved sided vans, no vehicle poles are supplied but these can be bought as extras.  Buy Below >>>

ZIP Privacy:  Now available again. Like the Privacy above they come in two heights so you need to know your mounted height - ground to underside of the mounted box. You also need to know which Zip version you have - these new Zip rooms work with an older Zip canopy as long as the zip does up from the pelmet end of the awning going back towards the vehicle itself, please take a moment to check yours is like this.

Info: There were also a couple of old Zip top awning models where the zip ran from the vehicle to the pelmet end (front fascia) - unfortunately the newer privacy rooms will not work with these types.

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Fiamma Privacy Rooms & Privacy Ultra Light  - Easy Fit Kits  -  (Pgdn for older F65 Kits)

Most Privacy Kits are pretty heavy multi-box deliveries so a modest carriage surcharge is added as seen in the cart/checkout. It is added only once to the cart and is typically 4-6-8-10.00 depending on overall size.


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NEW: Privacy Ultra Light in Van & Medium / Large  -  Some now in stock (just a few!)

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Privacy Ultra Light VW T5 260 (07350A01)

Awning length 260cm. Mounted height 180-220cm. 12,3 kg

Brought in to order usually 3-4 weeks lead time.



Privacy Ultra Light 300 (07350-01-)  (incl Ducato)

Awning 300/320cm. Mounted height 230-280cm. 14.2 kg



Privacy Ultra Light 350 (07350-02-)  (incl Ducato)

Awning 350/370cm. Mounted height 230-280cm. 15.4 kg



Privacy Ultra Light 400 (07350-03-)  (incl XL Ducato)

Awning 400cm. Mounted height 230-280cm. 16.6 kg



Privacy Ultra Light 450 (07350-04-)

Awning 450cm. Mounted height 230-280cm. 17.8 kg



F45 New Privacy in Van & Medium / Large

NB Fiamma say these F45 Privacy Rooms can be fitted to F65 but pictures seen say it isn't a good idea!

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Van versions - 1.80 to 2.10m mounted height

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Privacy 260 VAN / VW T5 - 2.00 Projection. Mtd Ht 1.9m

Newer improved version 07353B01



Privacy 40cm Front Extension for above on 3m (LWB T5)

Newer improved version 07363D01



Privacy 270 VAN for F40 (only) - 2.5 Proj. Mtd Ht 1.8-2.1m

Very lightweight 4.6Kg improved version 07504-01-


2016 Improved:  Medium versions - 2.25-2.50m mounted height, 2.25-2.50 Projection.

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Privacy Medium 300 - 3.0m Medium  07353-01-



Privacy Medium 350 - 3.5m Medium  07353-02-



Privacy Medium 400 - 4.0m Medium  07353-03-



Privacy Medium 450 - 4.5m Medium  07353-04-


New Large versions - 2.51-2.80m mounted height, 2.25-2.50 Projection.

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Privacy Large 300 - 3.0m Large height  07353A01- 



Privacy Large 350 - 3.5m Large height  07353A02- 



Privacy Large 400 - 4.0m Large height  07353A03- 



Privacy Large 450 - 4.5m Large height  07353A04- 



Privacy Large 500 - 5.0m Large height  07353A05- 



Privacy Large 550 - 5.5m Large height   07353A06- 


F65 / F65S New Privacy - Ducato & Sprinter High Roof Height + A-Class,
2.00 & 2.50 Projection.
From 2006 VW Crafter is the same body as the second generation Mercedes Sprinter (06-14). The n
ewer 2012-on version 320 plus extension panels to fit to 340-370-400 etc ...

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Privacy F65 320 Ducato 2007-on - 320x250  07354-01-

Fits the 3.25m Awning or is used as a basis for other awning box lengths by adding the panels below.



Privacy F65 High Ducato H3 / Sprinter 07-on  07355-01-

Higher version for Sprinter, Crafter, Ducato-Boxer H3 Roof. Fits the 3.2m Awning as is or is extended to other awning box lengths (nb) by adding the panels below.



Privacy F65 'Straight Sided Vehicles' -  New version
at 245-280 Mounted Ht
 Low stock

Version for Straight side vehicles like A-class, Low-profile, etc, Fits the 3.2m Awning as is or is extended to other awning box lengths (nb) by adding the panels below.


New-improved F65 Extension Panels for above to make any length.  (e.g +50cm = 3.7m ; +80cm = 4.0m )


20cm Extension panel for 320 Ducato 07-on 07363B01

Use to extend the 320 to 340 (3.5m)   Only sold with Room



50cm Extension panel for 320 Ducato 07-on 07363E01

Use to extend the 320 to 370 (3.75m)   Only sold with Room



80cm Extension panel for 320 Ducato 07-on 07363B01

Use to extend the 320 to 400 (4.0m)   Only sold with Room


 Previous version F65 Extension Panels, to suit >2015 Privacy


20cm Extension panel for 320 Ducato 07-on 06138F01-

Use to extend the 320 to 340 (3.5m)  



50cm Extension panel for 320 Ducato 07-on 06138-01-

Use to extend the 320 to 370 (3.75m)  



80cm Extension panel for 320 Ducato 07-on 06138G01-

Use to extend the 320 to 400 (4.0m) 



14cm Extension / Front Infill for Privacy 06138L01A

Use to extend the front panel for Ducato  



100cm Extension / Front Infill for Privacy 06138A01-

Use to extend the front panel for Ducato 


New Privacy Enclosure for ZIP Awnings   
(NB only fits Zip awnings with the Zip itself running from front to back - towards the vehicle!)

Part No



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Zip 300 Privacy Sides & Front Medium Height (07352-01-)



Zip 350 Privacy Sides & Front Medium Height (07352-02-)



Zip 400 Privacy Sides & Front Medium Height (07352-03-)



Zip 450 Privacy Sides & Front Medium Height (07352-04-)



Zip 300 Large Privacy Sides & Front Lge Ht (07352A01-)



Zip 350 Large Privacy Sides & Front Lge Ht (07352A02-)



Zip 400 Large Privacy Sides & Front Lge Ht (07352A03-)



Zip 450 Large Privacy Sides & Front Lge Ht (07352A04-)


Optional extras for Privacy

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Optional Kit Poles Light for F65 Privacy / Ultra Light  (06020-01-)  Optional vehicle-side or Ultra Light extra shade poles. Similar to those used on the F45 Privacy. 
NB: not used up against the vehicle on curved sided vans



Door Pole F65 Privacy  (05161-08-)
Optional privacy room front telescopic pole for F65s awnings. Gives extra stability to awning fascia and Privacy.



Tie Down Kit Yellow (Recommended)  (98655-128)



Tie Down Kit Black (Recommended)  (98655-126)



Tie Down S Black (Recommended)  (98655-133)
New tie down kit anchoring in the lead bar (front rail)



Tie Down S Yellow (Recommended)  (98655-567)
New tie down kit anchoring in the lead bar (front rail)



SNAD Skirt Studs - Self-Adhesive  Pack of 2.  40mm dia, Marine grade. Min Order 2x Packs Ideal with Fiamma M/Home Skirting below. Male studded you'll need female fittings on your skirt or accessory ... like those below.



Patio Mat 290 2.9x2.5m  (07681-01-)



Patio Mat 340 3.4x2.5m  (07682-01-)



Patio Mat 390 3.9x2.5m  (07683-01-)



Patio Mat 440 4.4x2.5m  (07684-01-)



Patio Mat 490 4.9x2.5m  (07701-01-)



Patio Bag 90x35x16  (05726-01-)



Caravan Skirting kit 4.5m  (Anti-draught/cat/rabbit!)
Comes with a beaded edge to slide into caravan c-rail



Motorhome Skirting kit 4.5m  (Anti-draught/cat/rabbit!)
Comes with a popper system to fix to the motorhome. Really easy used with the self adhesive SNADs above - great!



Rear skirting kits also available


Kit Magic Privacy Front  (06856-01-)



Kit Magic Privacy Side (06856-04-)



Kit Magic Front 400/410/440  (06856-02-)



Kit Magic Front 500/550  (06856-03-)



Magic Rafter - Universal Longitudinal  Telescopic

Tensions any Fiamma awning 250-400cm



Magic Rafter Pro, as above but for 350-450 cm awnings

Fits other brands too.



Straight Rafter for F45 (For tension & Rain repelling)



Rafter Pro 03616A01- (Curved Rain Repelling)
Fiamma caution against continuous use - for 'raining' only



Fiamma Megabag  03856D01-  140x27x40h (cm)



Smoke Grey Curtains - per pairFor all Privacy owners who want to upgrade to the latest look.  (98655A484)



Clip System S F45i - 250. Separate - for newer 250cm awnings only.  Also suitable cut to length for 5002/3.    (98660-005)  For Windblocker Sunshades too.
NB. Older Blue & Grey versions would need modification.


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