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Clear Tough Airplex Headlamp Protectors complete with Converters for European Travel:  These are mostly Fiat branded for Ducato-Boxer 2007-14 and also 2014-on. Ducato & Boxer & Relay have identical headlamps of course, if desired you can remove the small Fiat logo with thinners (but don't remove the mask marks!). Newer Sprinter & VW T5 sometimes available too. The versions for earlier Ducato are now discontinued. The new Airplex version has improved security.

We use these impact resistant protective covers ourselves on Ducatoand would now never be without having previously forked out well over 100 for a new headlight to replace one damaged by a stone!  It wasn't until we had them for their damage protection that I realised how convenient these are for our European travels. The versions we supply for Ducato / Boxer come complete with pre-cut masks and position marks - unlike some cheap imports we've seen!  NB: All our Ducato-Boxer are branded Fiat but fit Peugeot & Citroen too. These combined protectors and masks completely solve the positioning and adhesive problems on the new style clear head lamps, especially on the latest 'frog-eyes'. Standard advice is not to apply sticky tape to these new lenses.

Looking for a new Ducato-Boxer X250 Headlamp Unit? See our Vehicle Lights Page here

2007-14 & 2014-on Ducato versions pictured above: Once 'hooked' on these you may want two sets, one masked up for foreign travel and one left plain for UK use, a trip abroad for most then simply means swapping one set for another - absolute doddle!  We can now supply extra stickers for the latest type so mostly a single set plus stickers these days, seems best to leave this type in plce all the time really;

You'll need these masks too "you are required to mask UK head-lamps for continental travel - whether you travel at night or not and however long you stay". There is now a clamp down in response to various spreading urban myths to the contrary. All major ports now display warnings at departure - and you can expect to be stopped if not visibly complying!

The instructions say remove before cleaning the vehicle but in our opinion excessive removal and replacement can cause problems in itself. You should remove before 'car-wash' or jet-wash of course.

NB: These covers are highly resistant to impact damage once in place. By they are subject to cracking if abused and/or when not fully supported.  Do make sure they are properly seated before closing bonnet e.g.

For full original van cabs only, not suitable for any A-class vehicles even if based on the Ducato chassis.

Models Covered:  We're introducing these mainly for the popular Ducato-Boxer-Relay-Jumper family. The headlights and the covers for these vehicles are all basically the same product but will carry a Fiat logo rather than Peugeot printed on the surface. This branding can be removed with paint thinners, but not white spirit, so you can do this yourself if you need to fit a Ducato item onto a Relay or Boxer for example and don't want to have the wrong marque shown. Do avoid washing off the mask positioning lines though!  Other marques without mask positioning may be available, it just depends on what the importers have available at the time, Sprinter available at the time of writing but not Transit. The picture left, just for illustration purposes, is a non-masked version on a VW T5 while the one upper left has the supplied travel masks applied and is shown in place on a 2007-14 Ducato. For full van cabs only, not suitable for any a-class vehicles even if based on the Ducato chassis. The Fiat / Peugeot covers have mask guidelines printed on them so you can make up your own extra masks from black tape if you wish and all without sticking anything to the original headlamp.  All come with clear instructions in tough high impact crystal clear plastic. Masks have most effect on the dipped beam and so full beam is still very usable, albeit with some slight loss of intensity. Buy Below >>>

Our Fiat and Peugeot branded items are the same as those supplied by Fiat & Peugeot agents.

Vehicle model history seen here, if in doubt, the pictures are very useful!   Ducato/Boxer/Relay/Jumper  Sprinter/Crafter  Ford Transit  VW Transporter  Master/Movano  Traffic/Vivaro  Iveco Daily

Spares LH/RH? Customers sometimes have accidents with these, dropping the bonnet with a cover out of position seems favourite. We can't get singles but do keep a register of singles available from customers. This only works if you tell us that you have one and the model, year and LH/RH though! Please email to advise what you have or to ask if we currently have anything available!

New to us: Twin Air Horns with 12v Compressor:  An air horn for vehicles that don’t have air!  i.e. us rather than trucks. The 12V compressor can be connected to the standard horn button or a separate one and will provide enough pressure to give a satisfyingly deep blast from the generously proportioned 11" & 10" trumpets. The air tube between compressor & horns can be up to 1200mm / 4ft for remote fitting.  Wonderful boy's toy!!

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Polycarbonate Headlamp Covers & Protectors - with/without Masks

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Twin Air Horns - 12v

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Twin Air Horns with 12v Compressor


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Headlamp Protectors - with Headlamp Masks   (Grey = out of stock)

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Fiat Branded for Ducato (/Boxer/Relay) 2014-on *

Sometimes referred to as the X290 series



Spare Stickers x 2 for 2014-on as above.
NB: Only fit current 'Airplex' supply not earlier 'EGR'



Fiat Branded for Ducato (/Boxer/Relay) 2007-2014 * 

Sometimes referred to as the X250 series



Spare Stickers x 2 for 2017-14 as just above
NB: Only fit current 'Airplex' supply not earlier 'EGR'



Airplex Spares kit: For the 07-14 units above. 4 off each of steel clips, plastic clips, white plastic cups, bolts, black caps. NB: Suitable only for our new 'Airplex' units (as marked on protector). Not for the older 'EGR' type.



Fiat Branded for Ducato-Boxer 2002-2006/7
Sometimes referred to as the X244
Sorry can't get these now


* Also fit Boxer & Relay & Jumper. If patient you can rub off the Fiat logo with a little white spirit but be careful not to rub off the mask marks. Thinners / nail varnish remover is quicker - test on an edge first!


VW T5 2003-2010  (i.e. pre-facelift)



VW T5 2010-on Facelift Version 


Headlamp Protectors - all below are without Headlamp Masks

All below may be available to order sometimes ex stock.  NB: all below are without masks


Ford Transit 'Jumbo' 2014-on



Mercedes Sprinter 2006-14



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