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Propex Heating - Blown Air & Water Heating


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Propex Heatsource:  For over 20 years the Propex name has been synonymous with quality air heating and water heating products. Propex now manufacture some of the most advanced gas heaters for a variety of applications from motor-homes and caravans to leisure craft and horseboxes . All Propex heaters run on clean burning Propane or Butane or LPG so are entirely independent from the engine fuel supply, they produce less pollutants and are cheaper to run. less demanding on 12v power and quieter than diesel heaters. All conform to the latest European Standards for gas fired heaters where focus is very much on safety.  Buy Below >>>

Blown Air Heaters:  The Heatsource air heaters are designed to provide an efficient and economical source of heat. Designed for ease of installation, they provide quiet, maintenance free operation and are easy to control using our electronic thermostat which, features both temperature control and plain air circulation. Two models are available, the HS2000 with a heat output of 1.9kw and the HS2800, twin out 2.8kw version. Both are available in 12v or 24v versions and are supplied with complete fitting kits for either vehicle or marine.

Efficiency:  Forced air combustion and a two-stage stainless steel heat-exchanger make for a clean and highly efficient way to heat your vehicle. Combustion is ignited automatically and heats up the large surface area of the heat-exchanger. The Heatsource units are totally room sealed, draw combustion air from outside and exhaust externally through the stainless flue pipe. To add to the efficiency, cabin air is normally re-circulated in preference to using more cold air from outside. The HS series are also very efficient on electrical power, the high quality fan-motor and innovative current reducing electronics mean that even the larger HS2800 draws less than 2 amps during normal operation.  Undoubtedly leader in its class!  Buy >>>




Heat Input



Heat Output

1.9 kw

2.8 kw

Dimensions LxWxH mm



Control Voltage

12V or 24V

12V or 24V

Current Consumption



Air Throughput

60 C.F.M

85 C.F.M

Fuel Propane Gas
(NB: Propane @30mb = lower output)



Fuel Butane Gas



Average Gas Consumption
(continuous running)

142 grams/hour

225 grams/hour

Typical cylinder life 907 Gaz (continuous running) * 19 hrs 12 hrs
Typical cylinder life 11Kg Refillable (continuous running) * 77 hrs 49 hrs


 * In practice continuous running is unlikely and since the thermostat will only provide as much heat as is needed you will actually use much less gas than this. Also in a smaller vehicle the more powerful unit will not use any more gas than the smaller one, it simply won't run as long or as often to maintain temperature. Remember for best economy it pays handsomely to first deal with any insulation issues and draughts!


Kit & Installation:  HS2000 Kit Contents: Heater Unit with integrated SS Heat Exchanger, Thermostat-Controller, Thermostat Wiring Loom, 1m ea SS Inlet and Exhaust pipe, 1m Air Ducting, 2 Open Directional Vents, 2 Mounting Rails, clips, screws etc. The units are now 'room sealed' so they can be mounted internally. This is normally on the floor in a cupboard or under seat so that the in/exhaust ducts can drop straight out through the floor for full compliance with the latest safety recommendations (along with all the electronic monitoring and control). They can also be mounted under chassis with the warm air duct coming up into the vehicle. In this case a simple protective box is often constructed around the unit. Buy Below >>>

Additional Ducting, Open or Closable Vents and Y-pieces can also be supplied at the same time as a heater. There is a small delivery delay in this case, allow an extra couple of days. Later supply of these components is still possible but is then awkward and relatively expensive - better to think it out first!

For the Henry Water Heater and Carver Cascade adapter please see our water products page.

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Propex Heatsource Heaters


Marine versions of the blown air heaters no longer available through us.

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HS2000 Propex Blown Air Heater - Heatsource

HS2000 + V1 Kit  1.9Kw



HS2000E Propex Blown Air Heater - Heatsource

HS2000E G&M Heater + V1 Kit  230V/Gas



HS2800 Propex Blown Air Heater - Heatsource

HS2800 Twin + V2 Kit 2.8Kw



Propex V2 Kit for Larger Vehicles - sold with heaters



Malaga 5 Water Heater  1.15Kw Gas Input



Malaga 5E Water Heater  1.15Kw / 750W Gas/230v Input



Malaga - Cascade Adapter Flange when sold with heater




Stylish mains water heater - just pull up, hook up, switch on,
for quick hot water. Temp easily adjusted. Mounting bracket supplied. Approx 378mm x 276mm x 280mm  4.8KG

Ideal for smaller 'vans and as a secondary unit in larger ones.


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Therm-X Heaters - Discontinued by manufacturer - But see the Midi-Cat & Mini-Cat page (click to go)


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Therm'X  900W Catalytic LPG Heater  - Discontinued

But see the new Midi-Cat & Mini-Cat page (click to go)



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