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  Cab & Caravan Blinds for Comfort - all Discounted    

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Blinds - NRF & Remiflair Habitation Blinds plus Remifront & Seitz Cab Blinds.

Aftermarket / DIY blinds come in various standard sizes only as below, specific replacement sizes will only come from the vehicle converter as a spare part or just possibly a workshop customising one of these.

NRF Blinds:  Top-down or Bottom-up habitation Blinds & Fly-screens:  NRF Combination Roller Blinds & Fly-screens are four sided light grey assemblies in standard sizes. The plain reflective blind locks to the flyscreen and both can be positioned anywhere in the track.  This is incredibly versatile allowing complete blackout or partial light but still with some privacy. All this while maintaining a good resistance to insect ingress too. (always a slight vulnerability with separate blind & fly-screen tracks). The assembly can be fitted either way up so the blind can operate top-down or bottom-up to suit your preference.  As fitted OEM in many European Motorhomes. These blind sets are sized differently to our other blinds - the nominal width size is the window cut so a 500x650 blind is actually about 596x736mm overall and a rubber seal of 15mm each side is assumed. The top and bottom pieces are 43 wide so you need that much free flat surface to attach to. The side rails and depth are about 34mm so really quite slim. Some sizes may be supplied with two handles rather than one as illustrated here. New; these blinds now come with all parts unassembled - for user assembly - and so can be shortened (but not reduced in width). Another recent change “The design of the NRF Blinds have been changed slightly by the company and now no longer come with end caps as they are no longer needed”. Other blinds as below. Please note most are in landscape format.  Buy Below >>>

RemiFlair Window blinds:  Combined night roller blind, sunscreen and flyscreen in a slim line cassette. The aluminium coating gives blackout, privacy and heat reflection all in one quality unit. Suitable for caravans and motorhomes. The dimensions given are the nominal external dimensions. Easy installation. To just cover the window plus surround, the Remiflair must be a minimum of 30mm wider overall, see below. In general allow some extra clearance at sides and top by choosing a size slightly larger than the window size. To adjust the drop simply cut the side tracks to length and re-insert the end caps. It's best to allow the blind to drop slightly lower than the window so allow maybe 100-120mm extra drop including the top frame. Do think about the stop positions, it may be best to shorten the sides from the top!  Normally ex-stock. Download PDF instructions here (300Kb in new window) or right-click and 'Save target'. Please note almost all are landscape format.

RemiFlair pleated /caravan blinds?  We do not sell those. We do sell RemiFront pleated cab blinds below

Remiflair Sizing:  The nominal size of the blind is based on its outside dimensions. The side arms are rebated at the back so that you can fit the blind partially overlapping the window surround if desired. The sides are about 35mm wide and the rebate is about 5mm deep by 20mm wide so the effective internal width of the blind is reduced by 30mm when fitted like this. If not using the rebate for a tight fit the internal clearance (free width) between the side frames is about 75mm less than the nominal width. See the picture for a nominal 1400mm blind example. The issues top to bottom are different, first the header height is 70mm with the blind leading edges protruding about 20mm so there is some fitting leeway there. The blind 'catch' positions in the sides are every 150mm starting from near the bottom. It is best therefore to shorten the sides from the top but it is possible to cut/file additional catches with a little skill if required. Allow a little overlap at the bottom for best effect. If/when reducing the width (very tricky for most of us!), do so at one end only, this allows you to avoid the spring-loaded mechanism at the other end. And also for running repairs the Remis Take-n-trim:  Pictured left. 3 sizes. Cream-white/Silvered blackout blind only on a roller for DIY blinds and DIY Repairs, includes brackets and fixings to enable independent hanging - but no help available with this product!  Buy Below >>>

You may also be interested in:  Seitz Blinds from Dometic-Seitz:  Top-down or Bottom-up habitation Roller Blinds & Fly-screens:  Seitz have long been one of the market leaders in windows roof lights and window blinds. For example this four sided design with upper fly-screen and lower blackout roller blind that can be joined together and then conveniently adjusted at the same time. Seitz are Dometic and we're pleased to offer them on another page - Dometic-Seitz Roller Blinds (click).

RemiFront - as supplied by us and reviewed in MMM's  "Improve your Motorhome".

The Ducato-Boxer 2014-on 'facelift' versions in beige & white are now available as below. 

Series IV from 2010 with almost pillarless side panels - only for new Ducato-Boxer  REMIfront Darkening solution for driver's cabins:  Remis now offers the right solution to darken the driver's cabins for Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper, plus Mercedes Sprinter and VW Crafter, Ford Transit, Renault Master, Vauxhall Movano and Nissan Interstar cabs. A system of pleated blinds makes it easily possible to darken the cab at night with useful cold insulation too. New in 2006 - all versions are now the more convenient 'meet in the middle' design as shown left. Also new in 2006 is the RemiFront III & IV versions which have been introduced for the 2007-on model vehicles - Ducato, Boxer, Sprinter, Master, etc. Ducato version now also available in beige.  Advantages:  Guaranteed rapid installation in new vehicles, Easily retrofitted for existing vehicles, Removable if necessary, High degree of darkening, Attractive design, High quality appearance through the use of pleats with all versions now vertically pleated. The revised structure of the profile system only takes up a small amount of space in the vehicle, Minimal restriction of vision when opened due to lower profile side frames, an ultra low profile pillar and the integration of the vehicle A-pillars with the blind support pillars. Remis 2017-18 brochure PDF here (click).

Our View - Easy DIY:  Now for Sprinter, Transit, & Renault/Vauxhall Master too.  These excellent concertina blinds fit all Ducato/Boxer cabs from 1994 on and are available either as a complete DIY set or as separate components, front & sides. You will see them already appearing as original equipment but they are also very easy to retro-fit to existing vehicles, as per the Caravan Club Practical article in their November 03 magazine but at our lower discount prices of course. We've fitted them to our own Hymer coachbuilt - it took me only just over the hour and they're excellent in use!  Not only are they very convenient but also serve to release that extra cab space in a coachbuilt while at the same time concealing cab area from prying eyes - and even better you don't have to get out of the 'van in the pouring rain to put them up!  Do note that the Ducato version is universal but the others are 'handed' - you must specify LHD or RHD.  Also Ducato / Boxer / Jumper blinds are now side to side opening like the ones for Sprinter and Master. Although slightly more difficult to install these are much more convenient in use. One great tip is to make sure you have a universal or right-angled screwdriver adaptor for the two awkward centre dashboard screws. NB: Rarely there can be fitting issues if the converter has added trim or furniture obstructing the windscreen surround. Some Boxer-Relay had an upper moulding / parcel shelf that fouled the top fitting and this has to be pared away. Autocruise have fitted to these vehicles as OE and simply trim the moulding to suit, looking at Autocruise OE fit is a good way to see how to do it. We're told the parcel shelf version is no longer fitted to new Boxer, Ducato trim is different and doesn't have this problem. Buy Now >>

Just as a point of reference and for identification the newer 2007-on X250 Ducato is pictured left, Boxer is similar but with a different grill. The latest face-lift version (revised bonnet line & headlamps) from late 2014 is often referred to as the X290.

There is a warning in the Remis instructions about use with certain types of airbags ... (literal translation) "Important note! This information first carefully read. For vehicles with Airbags in the A-columns or above the doors, this system is not suitable!".  We're not currently aware of any such airbags fitted to motorhomes.  

Vehicle model history seen here, if in doubt, the pictures are very useful!   Ducato/Boxer/Relay/Jumper  Sprinter/Crafter  Ford Transit  VW Transporter  Master/Movano/NV400  Traffic/Vivaro  Iveco Daily

Some older Instructions in English:  all presented as PDF downloads in a new window:

RemiFront 2:  Ducato/Boxer  Sprinter  Transit  Master  
RemiFront 3:
  07-on Sprinter  07-on Transit
RemiFront IV: 07-on Ducato-Boxer-Relay

Transit NB: The Remis instructions are the originals and may say 'cannot be fitted to rain sensor models'. But when available we do supply rain sensor versions and feedback from customers fitting these says (re the instructions only) "the only alteration appears to be the position of the screen centre supports". 

We hope to offer other 2007-on & 2014-on model RemiFront instructions fairly soon. If you don't have the Acrobat PDF Reader or a late version of it you can download it free at just click on the 'Get Adobe Reader' link on their home page and follow the instructions.   Buy Below >>>

Remis Spares:  Difficult to get and not handled by us. Used to be via the trade-only Unipart Leisure Group and possible to order via Caravan accessory shops but we hear that route is now closed. You might have to contact Remis direct ( and be prepared for international postage charges. We be pleased to hear of any other routes people have found successful.

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Seitz & Remis Cab Blinds plus Remis & NRF 'Caravan' Blind Sets (below)

Some long/bulky items carry a small extra carriage charge despite their higher value - see basket


1. Seitz Duette Flatstore Pull-up Blind plus New Roller Blind for the new X250 Ducato-Boxer


Dometic-Seitz Windscreen Roller Blinds  For Ducato-Boxer-Jumper-Relay "without roof" (extra trim).  Possible supply delays on these but typically only 5-10 days on RHD. (~2 weeks LHD)

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Seitz Roller Blind Grey for Ducato-Boxer X250 07-14 RHD

Seitz mesh cab windscreen blind system, smart and easy way to block out light and offer privacy. Sensibly priced, easy to fit. For X250 Ducato/Boxer/Jumper from late 2006-on (9104100270)



2. RemiFront Pleated Cab Blinds  These larger items carry modest extra carriage to cover part of the extra cost of shipping these bulky sets.  The latest Mk IV Ducato-Boxer Fronts fit either LHD or RHD. Can we supply for other non-listed vehicle models or years?  -  Sorry no.


RemiFront for Boxer - Ducato - Relay

Older Boxer-Relay especially Autosleeper with parcel shelf?  Some DIY trim modification was needed on some vehicles to deal with the extra cab roof trim / parcel shelf. The problem isn't on current vehicles. With front pillar speakers?  We stock the universal version to fit X250 with or without pillar speakers.

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Remifront Ducato-Boxer items just below are in Beige - grey are further below

Apart from the main Ducato-Boxer models X250 2007-14 and X290 2014-on there were some changes to the X250 in 2011, this saw a new range of engines plus a new dashboard; these changes affecting some but not all 2011 registrations and going on into 2012 reg. We're told the screen blind fit is the same for all the X250 2007-14 but that the screens colour change from 2011 fits in better with the new dashboard. Slightly oddly the upper cover piece is still grey, this is said to be "to match the cab roof lining".  

Info: The X290 Fronts / Full sets below do not fit 'Ducato with special packages' (Codes LA1/41J/051)


Beige * 2015-on Ducato/Boxer/etc X290 Full Set (MkIV)

Series IV type for facelifted 2014/15-on models 
Not suitable for vehicle fitted with Rain Sensor.



Beige * 2015-on Ducato/Boxer/etc X250/90 - Side Panels

Series IV sides for both pre and post 2014/15-on facelift models 



Beige * 2015-on Ducato/Boxer/etc X290 - Front Panel

Series IV type for facelifted 2014/15-on models  No 10056725
Not suitable for vehicle fitted with Rain Sensor.



Beige * Version

2011-14 Ducato/Boxer X250 Full Set (MkIV) Beige

Series IV with low profile side panels (pre-2014 facelift)



Beige * 2011-14 & 2015-on Ducato/Boxer/etc X250
Side Panels only
  Remis part no 10043742/43

Series IV sides for both pre and post 2014/15 facelift models 



Beige * Version

2011-14 Ducato/Boxer X250 Front only (MkIV) Beige

Remis part no 10043741


Light Grey RemiFront X250 Ducato-Boxer from 2007 to 2010+ manufacture
Some may have been registered in 2011 of course.  Ducato items below are all in Light Grey (These also fit the later new colour dashboard fitted late 2011 to 2014. So can all X250 - it's just the Grey choice).

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2007-10/11 Ducato/Boxer/Jumper/Relay X250 Complete (IV)

Now Series IV with low profile side panels - and cheaper too!




2007-10/11 Ducato/Boxer/Jumper X250 Side Panels Pair

Series IV with low profile side panels - cheaper too! (33/34)




2007-10/11 Ducato/Boxer/Jumper X250 Front Panel only

Now Series IV (10032228)



94-2006 Ducato/Boxer Side Panels Pair  Fits RHD & LHD Ducato 94-2006 are no longer made - abandoned due to tooling damage we're told. Some 2007 Reg are this model too.



94-2006 Ducato/Boxer  Front Panel only  For RHD & LHD
Ducato 94-2006 are no longer manufactured - due to tooling damage we're told. Some 2007 Reg are this model too.



RemiFront for Sprinter - Crafter  (where same model as Sprinter)

The key issue here is angled or straight mirror baseplate, just get that right an all will fall into place. But Note: None of these fit the Lane keeping/full beam package (Mercedes codes LA1/JP4/JP2).

Part No



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2007-13 Sprinter / Crafter - RHD STRAIGHT Complete (III) 

Vehicles must have the straight mirror foot mount (if you have this earlier vehicle with the angled mount order 31379 + 31381).



2007-13 model Sprinter / Crafter - RHD Side Panel Pair Remis Part no 10021023/24



2007-13 Sprinter / Crafter -RHD Front Panel only STRAIGHT

Part no 10021022 - for mirror with straight mirror baseplate




2007-on & 2013-on Sprinter - RHD ANGLED Complete  (III) 

Vehicles must have the angled mirror foot mount, 2013> will and some earlier 2007-13 do too!



2007-on & 2103-on model Sprinter / Crafter - RHD Side Panel Pair  Remis Part no 10021023/24



2007-on Sprinter Special Front Panel ANGLED 

Part no 10023924 -for mirror with angled foot mount,
this item fits 2007-on and 2013-on Sprinter - if angled mount



RemiFront for Master - Movano - Interstar - NV400

There can be fitting issues where overhead lockers, and maybe oversize mirrors have been fitted by the converter without regard for later blind fitment!  A quick look should identify if this is a problem though. Fits LHD or RHD but Without rain sensors

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Master/Movano/NV400 Complete Set 2011-on 

Part nos 10043735 + 10043739/40  (Earlier model blinds NLA)



Master/Movano/NV400 Side Panels Pair  2011-on



Master/Movano/NV400 Front Panel 2011-on

Only for model Without rain sensors



RemiFront for Ford Transit    NB Any Transit behind-mirror additions may stop standard blinds closing fully, the camera on 2015-on seems OK though - according to customer feedback.

Part No



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Customer feedback on the 2015-on: "the blinds were fitted with no problems, they will fit any (later) Ford Transit with a reversing camera attached to the front of the rear view mirror but without the rain sensors"


2014-on model Ford Transit Full Set RHD



2014-on model Transit Side Panel Pair RHD  10058219/20



2014-on model Ford Transit Front Panel only

Not for rain sensor visibility pack models.  Remis no 10058218



Deposits & Rushes


All types DEPOSIT ONLY for Remis REMIfront

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Europe / Ireland D for single pack Max 25-30Kg and 1.5m long. Depending on order value the system may also charge for UK postage, where this is in excess we will refund it.


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3. REMIflair Window Blinds & Flyscreens Complete - for 'caravan' windows. size wxh

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Remis REMIflair  Blind & Screen    750 x 800 mm



Remis REMIflair  Blind & Screen    800 x 800 mm



Remis REMIflair  Blind & Screen    900 x 800 mm



Remis REMIflair  Blind & Screen   1000 x 800 mm



Remis REMIflair  Blind & Screen   1100 x 800 mm



Remis REMIflair  Blind & Screen   1200 x 800 mm



Remis REMIflair  Blind & Screen   1300 x 800 mm



Remis REMIflair  Blind & Screen   1400 x 900 mm



Remis REMIflair  Blind & Screen   1500 x 900 mm



Remis REMIflair  Blind & Screen   1600 x 900 mm



Remis REMIflair  Blind & Screen   1700 x 900 mm



Remis REMIflair  Blind & Screen   1800 x 900 mm


Remis Take-n-trim bare bones roller blinds


Remis Take-n-trim   Fitting Kit   (For T&T customers only).



Remis Take-n-trim   500 x 700 mm



Remis Take-n-trim  1000 x 800 mm



Remis Take-n-trim  1500 x 800 mm


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Highlands Delivery Supplement ~25Kg single pack under 1.5m to IV, HS, KA27-28, KW, PA20-49, PA60-78, PH17-26, PH30-44, PH49-50, ZE postcodes e.g.  - an additional -



Europe / Ireland D for single pack Max 25-30Kg and 1.5m long. Depending on order value the system may also charge for UK postage, where this is in excess we will refund it.


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4. NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - fit either way up  (2cm wide frames) 

The design of the NRF Blinds have been changed slightly by the manufacturer and now no longer come with end caps as they are not needed."  NB: Instructions may still refer to them.


Sizing Info:  Now revised as below.

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Spare Catch for NRF Blind



Spare End Cap for NRF Blind



Spare Motor Spring for NRF Blind



NRF Blind & Flyscreen    500 x 650 mm

Overall size: 596 x 736 mm



NRF Blind & Flyscreen    600 x 650 mm

Overall size: 696 x 736 mm



NRF Blind & Flyscreen    700 x 650 mm

Overall size: 796 x 736 mm   Very low stocks Apr 2019



NRF Blind & Flyscreen    800 x 650 mm

Overall size: 896 x 736 mm



NRF Blind & Flyscreen    900 x 650 mm

Overall size: 996 x 736 mm



NRF Blind & Flyscreen   1000 x 650 mm

Overall size: 1096 x 736 mm 



NRF Blind & Flyscreen   1100 x 650 mm

Overall size: 1196 x 736 mm



NRF Blind & Flyscreen   1200 x 650 mm

Overall size: 1296 x 736 mm



NRF Blind & Flyscreen   1250 x 650 mm

Overall size: 1346 x 736 mm    In short supply Apr 2019



NRF Blind & Flyscreen   1300 x 650 mm

Overall size: 1396 x 736 mm



NRF Blind & Flyscreen   1400 x 650 mm

Overall size: 1496 x 736 mm



NRF Blind & Flyscreen   1450 x 650 mm

Overall size: 1546 x 736 mm



NRF Blind & Flyscreen   1500 x 650 mm

Overall size: 1596 x 736 mm



NRF Blind & Flyscreen   1600 x 650 mm

Overall size: 1696 x 736 mm



NRF Blind & Flyscreen   1700 x 650 mm

Overall size: 1796 x 736 mm



NRF Blind & Flyscreen   1800 x 650 mm

Overall size: 1896 x 736 mm   Very low stocks Apr 2019


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Highlands Delivery Supplement ~25Kg single pack under 1.5m to IV, HS, KA27-28, KW, PA20-49, PA60-78, PH17-26, PH30-44, PH49-50, ZE postcodes e.g.  - an additional -



Europe / Ireland D for single pack Max 25-30Kg and 1.5m long. Depending on order value the system may also charge for UK postage, where this is in excess we will refund it.


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