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G2/G3 Safari-Residence Kits


This is an old page -

Please visit our new 2019-on Safari Residence G3 Page!  (click!)

Residence 'G3' (Generation 3) now in stock - including Autotrail 2007-on, 2010-on, & 2013-on. Suits 4900-5003-5200-6002-6200-6900-8000-9200 & fits earlier 5-series awnings with transformation kit. 

Alternative? - did you know you can fit a Fiamma Privacy Room to a 5002/5003 (Click) - cheaper too.

Safari-Residence / Safari Rooms:  Please do ask us to put together a kit to suit your vehicle. The number of possible variants is really quite large and getting the room spec wrong or the wrong components on the wrong awning really will develop into a major headache - we know, we've been asked to sort many out!  Do ask for help and advice over rooms - it's one of the services that sets us apart!  Please read on first and by all means order online if confident but do check out the "What do I need?" paragraph below. Do email any further questions using links below.

Named colours now discontinued, all are now in Thule's standard Grey with black & white trim

Looking for Panorama?  We offer these as individual quotes for each vehicle, please email to start!

Safari G3 Residence:  with Residence already a best selling range the new G3 Residence for 2017 continues to build on the success of the earlier 'G2' of 2011 with its more modern, clean and good looking, 'timeless' and very stable design with very large clear windows. Side windows roll up independently of the mosquito screens, the front window does not open but the whole front panel rolls up. A new double rubber flaps seal the room to the vehicle side. Mudwall flaps can be tensioned inside or outside. The entire Safari design, construction and bracing was reviewed for this new product and as a result the new G3 Safari-Residence is an exceptionally stable system. The fabric is top quality and includes all the new colours along with welded seams in the most demanding sections where extra strength is required. Initially only Uni-grey and Alaska Grey will be available ex UK stock, others to order only.  Buy below >>>

Notes: 1. As before Residence is only for flat sided vehicles, for curved sided vehicles like the Ducato Van you must use a Safari-Room instead. 2. G1/G2/G3 are not mix and match so you can't partially upgrade older rooms - you do have to have G3 sides with a G3 front and a transformation kit to fit to the older 5002.

What do I need?  First obtain some information about your awning and how it is mounted. You'll find information about your awning model, colour and length on the internal labels, the one on the back of the front rail is easiest to read but there is another with a long bar code number in the back of the box. Next you need to do some measuring so arm yourself with a decent steel tape plus steps/hop-up and measure the 'mounted heights'. These are taken from ground to the underside* of the mounted awning box, take one measurement at each end, they often differ even when the awning looks level! Finally erect the awning fully but at the minimum height to allow the caravan door to open freely and fully without fouling and then measure the "front height". This is taken from ground to the underside of the front rail. All this information will be used to ensure you get the right room fit for your particular vehicle, we will ask for this info when you place an order. Important note: if your optimum front height is above 1.85m and your mounted height is below 2.60m please consult us by email!  * The underside of the mounted box is used to measure mounted height for wall mounted awnings but the underside of the front lip is used for roof mounted awnings, e.g. 6/9-series awnings like 6002, 6200, 9200.

How to buy:  We've created a new modular system to cope with Thule-Omnistor's new product ranges. You'll need to know your awning model and length - if in doubt this info is found on a label on the back of the awning front rail, just open it a little to view. At some point you'll also need to measure your 'mounted heights' from ground to the underside of the mounted awning box.

After reading the info here just find the column below for your awning model - 5003/5002 or 8000 or 6200/6002 or 6900/6009 awnings and then clicking on the link for your awning length, this will bring up a page dedicated to that size range and awning model. For Autotrail select 5002/5003 and 4 - 4.50m. On your selected page you can order the basic front+sides+hardware for the room and then add any essential supplements for larger mounted heights and also options like curtains, windslip & rail, carrying bags, breathable groundsheet, etc.

NB: A lot of info is repeated on the buying page to make it easy to refer back to.

Do I need all those?  A basic day room is simply a front and pair of sides. To make a comfortable and habitable room you might want more. Why a hold-down? To stop the room acting like a kite, it provides extra holding power combined with elastic shock absorption to stop a blustery breeze from working the securing pegs out of the ground. We recommend the new sides kit. Why a 60cm Windslip/Skirt?  It stops draughts, rabbits and cats from entering the room from under the 'van. We supply ours with fixing rail as long as ordered with a room. Why Curtains? Mostly for privacy for night use and for changing but you might want to hide any camping equipment left there during the day. Why Storage Bags? Well tidier yes but they also help to protect the room from accidental scuffs and other damage. Why a Breathable Groundsheet? To give some extra comfort over bare grass and to protect the grass from the effects for as long as possible. Do I have to have the full kit? No you can opt for any combination you want. Why are no Curtains included in your prices this year? Thule's new curtains cost more than the ones previously supplied so some customers are opting to make their own using the included runners, the choice is yours.

Other Optional Extras:  Various rafters, awning lights and heaters. LED lights are very much the in thing now with decent light but very little battery consumption. Rafters? Plain rafters increase rigidity and add a little fabric support on longer awnings while curved rafters can help repel rain from the roof. These should be used with care since extended use can distort the fabric particularly in sun. Groundsheets are plainly not required by everyone but our breathable and grass-friendly versions are allowed on most campsites whereas non-breathable ones often aren't.

Autotrail only takes the AT-Residence, no other room, will fit, (neither Omnistor or Fiamma).

Autotrail:  Motorcaravanning have long offered the Omnistor Safari-room and Safari-Residence to fit Autotrail recessed awnings and routinely put together kits containing the special sides for Autotrail fitting. The problems that emerged on newer models with the new chassis and with restricted room above the door are solved by this newer AT Residence for later Autotrail on the 2007-on chassis by combining the AT XL Front Height with a Large Rear Height and a Recessed Fit - it is an odd beast!  This Autotrail Special Room is basically the same price as the 4m & 4.5m 5-Series (5002/03/5200) rooms as linked below - but you will need to choose an 'AT' Supplement on the order page to be sure to get the special Autotrail sides and hardware in the required AT-XL Recessed fit.  The alternative Fiamma Privacy really doesn't work well on recessed awnings on Autotrail. We're asked about Panorama too - but this is not made for Autotrail unfortunately, you do need the Thule AT-Residence..

Autotrail can be complicated, they have used 5000-18 (2000-2002), 5500-18 (2000 - 2002), 5002-18 (2002 onwards), 5003-04 ( 2010-13), 4900-13 (2012 onwards), and in a variety of sizes and even changing sizes!  Many of these awnings require slightly different fittings and also these are build years not registration years so you may need to look inside the awning box for extra information. Do ask for help!

Pre-2007 & pre-2010 vehicles: The problems that emerged on newer models with the new chassis were solved with the introduction of the G2 & G3 Residence in AT-XL Height - but this does mean the fit can be rather strange on older pre-07 Autotrail.  Also there is a particular problem with the 4.5m 5002 awnings fitted up to roughly 2010, these have a smaller 2.25m projection and no room is now made in that size. To solve this you have to commission a supplier to customise the new product to suit - or maybe consider the new Thule Easylink 'Tent'? (click for the Easylink page) or a Motorhome Annexe like the Outwell Drive-Away? (click for the Outwell page). 

Note about fitting to different awnings:  Basically : G3 fits 5003/5200 or 8000 directly as below : For 5002/5500 we supply '4900 sides' plus a 309623 transformation kit : For 5800 we supply '8000 sides' plus a 309623 transformation kit : For 6200 you need a Transformation Kit to get the correct fit, for 6900 & 9200 we supply dedicated sides : To fit an older G1 room to a new 5003/5200 or 8000 awning use a 10999990 transformation kit : We can email G2 instructions for 5003/5200 or 8000 or 5002-5500-5800 - please state which!  For Autotrail special recessed fit sides are supplied whatever the awning model fitted but adapters might still be needed in some cases.

First fitting:  Some small DIY adjustments to fitting are required on first assembly but not when in daily use, do note that we strongly recommend assembly at home some time before you go away!

Videos:  You can watch an on-line YouTube Video by the manufacturer ThuleNV. They have two videos on line one showing erecting for the very first time and one dismantling again  Maybe you should ignore the many other private videos at least to begin with - could be very confusing!  You can also request a DVD by emailing us. 

Colour options:  can be viewed in a new window here.

Not sure if you already have G1 or G2? - Click here to see then illustrated side by side.

Order with confidence - adjustments are easily made once your detailed requirements are known, also full refunds are made in the very rare event that we are not able to provide products to suit your needs!

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My awning is ...  click on the light blue page link that describes your awning ...


4900 / 5200 / 5003
5000 / 5002

8000 / 5800

6002 / 6200



3.00 - 3.75 m

3.00 - 3.75 m

3.00 - 3.75 m

3.00 - 3.75 m


4.00 - 4.50 m

4.00 - 4.50 m

4.00 - 4.50 m

4.00 - 4.50 m

4.00 - 4.50 m

5.00 - 6.00 m

5.00 - 6.00 m

5.00 - 6.00 m

5.00 - 6.00 m

5.00 - 6.00 m

For Autotrail - Click 4900 / 5002 / 5003
3.00 - 3.75 or 4.00 - 4.50 link above left
to suit your awning length


Please click on the link that describes your awning to go to a dedicated shopping/quotation page.

These are nominal case sizes so the 3.00m is correct for a 3.05 and 3.75 is also for a 3.77 for example 

All sizes in metres. All Omnistor products are available, for any not listed please email us
Full technical info and downloadable fitting instructions available on-line at
Order with confidence since adjustments are easily made once your detailed requirements are known, also full refunds are made in the very rare event that we are not able to provide products to suit your needs!


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