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This is a long page designed for you to browse, learn, and buy!  New and featured info is at the top, followed by info on the various satellite systems on offer, followed by info on our established products and finally the section where you can purchase via add-to-cart. The page is easily printable too. In most browsers Ctrl+F will offer a Page Search. Please do for help and/or advice - we like to help!

News:  Astra 2E/2F/2G & France?  For all of you who thought that these replacement Astra 2 satellites wouldn't allow BBC Ch4 & ITV in France some slightly better news is appearing, early in 2016 we heard of a user getting strong signals down near Toulouse and in Narbonne on an 85cm Dish (Oyster). This is a lot better than predicted by many published footprint maps - most of which say "down to Bordeaux". There will be other users using different dishes too, and also different 'Skew', so this is just an isolated encouraging report. It has to be said that  widespread Freesat reception in the far south of France & in Spain is now highly unlikely on normal dishes receiving the UK spot beam. The best news is about the wider 'EU' beam, which is much better than the Spot beam, especially when seen by a large auto-skew dish - this may receive British channels over most of Spain according to some 2017 tests. The downside is that this southern EU beam is pretty much restricted to SKY* receivers. But do let us know your own experiences!

* Sky needs a viewing card but this can be 'free' or on subscription if you want the extra channels.

The weak 'Brexit' pound means there are many price increases on these dearer items & more to come

Another Amazing New Product: Portable Domes, high spec - fully auto - twin lnb - autoskew  -  similar to picture left, comes with a decent sized internal dish like the Camos, with twin LNB (can be used single) for Sky, Sky+, other twin receivers, FTA, freesat, etc. Fully auto but importantly with built-in full Auto-Skew for the very best performance here and abroad even at edge of range. All this but still completely portable and supplied with 10m leads. Yes that's right fully portable so after initial simple setup of the indoor control unit you store the dome in your motorhome cupboard or garage just getting it out for positioning when needed. (Not installable not motion-weatherproof).  Buy below >>>

D3248: RoadPro Portable Sat-Dome: Twin LNB, Auto-SkewFantastic Roadpro Christmas Present with very little 'installation', you could unwrap in the morning and be enjoying the big Christmas day programmes on it in the afternoon! Plug into the power supply control unit and receiver installed (simply) in your 'van, place outside up to 10m away avoiding trees etc, switch on, select one of the pre-programmed satellites and less than one minute later you'll be watching your favourite satellite TV channel!  Pre-programmed for 8 satellites. No major installing, no holes in the roof, no problem parked under trees for shade - and optimum performance too. Great specs - autoskew, LNB gain of 31dBi and the receiver 51dBW are outstanding in a 38cm unit and one costing under 900!  480mm high 450mm dia <6Kgs. Now two portables brands MegaSat and WiWorld badged RoadPro (pic right).  Buy below >>>

New:  Roadpro Auto Compact Dishes   Don't have much room on the roof? This could be for you, the new "Compact" Auto Satellite dish from RoadPro. Single and Twin LNB versions available. Fully automatic and weighing only a few kilos and an operating diameter of approximately 59cms. This makes the "Compact" system ideal for smaller motorhomes, trucks and any situation where there's not a lot of space available. In the Twin LNB system, two cables connect the motor unit to its controller which is, in turn, connected to a satellite receiver or a TV with a satellite receiver built in. A single cable is used on the single lnb version. Switch on the receiver and, as long as everything is connected correctly, the dish will spin round and locate the satellite in seconds. In less than a minute, the system will have locked on and be sending the signal to your TV. Being rather similar to the innards of a sat-dome, the dish will pick up British TV channels all over the U.K. and Ireland, as far south as Bordeaux in France and eastwards into Belgium and Holland. The Roadpro Compact system can also be used for receiving most European satellites including Astra 1, Astra 2, Astra 4, Hotbird, Eutelsat 9A, Eutelsat 5W and Hispasat. You can find out what channels are available on each satellite by visiting and download the multiple satellite footprint maps here. Approx current during search 1.5A; Dish size 65cm; Dish height down 18cm; LNB type Single or Twin output; Mounting - Fixes to roof with bonding and screws using mounting plate; Mounting plate 480 x 390mm; Space for operation 590mm dia; Search controller dimensions WDH 200 x 140 x 45mm; Receiver options: Can be used with any satellite-receiver including SKY receivers; 3 year warranty for DIY.  Buy Below >>> (PgDn)

Amazing Sat-finderPro features at a fraction of the pro price. Finding satellites can be difficult because of the inherent delay in recognising digital signals and because of the very on-off nature of digital reception. The finder overcomes all that. Put simply this is the sat finder for locating the right satellite from dozens up there. The meter connects to the dish and gives signal strength levels as you'd expect but it also tells you which of the eight common satellites you are actually pointing at - it really does help greatly to be pointing at the right one! You can then make fine adjustments to get the strongest signal. The rocket science is all internal so it is really easy to use. A recent customer said "On the meter subject, I bought a DSF80, cost a lot but is well worth it. You don't even have to worry about a compass. Switch meter on, wind up antenna (~9 rotations on the flatsat) and spin and bingo you've got it. Probably quicker than a dome. Takes me about 20 seconds now. Fantastic!!!". What more can we say?  PDF here.

Which Satellite System is right for you?  Mmmm, tricky question - just how do you choose between top brands like Camos, Kathrein, Globesat, Crystop, Alden, Oyster, Multimo, etc? Or for that matter between dish sizes of 60 70 80 or 85 cm, or between manual and automatic dish, semi-automatic dishes and roof mounted or tripod or mast mounted sat dishes??  To help you decide we've published below a short guide to the pros and cons of each system with the help of our friends at RoadPro. But before looking at that you'll need to think about several lifestyle issues like ... which TV channels are the most important to you** ... and where in Europe do you want to watch them ... and importantly ... just how much extra are you prepared to pay for ease of use?  And a new question, would a Slingbox be a better option or simply a useful addition for your particular needs?  (** And please do note 'Sky' is not a channel nor even a single satellite and nor are the 'usual UK ones' - you have to be very specific to make progress especially re the home channels - BBC & ITV!).

Plainly the traditional core UK programs like BBC ITV CH4 are carefully aimed at the UK not at Italy & Spain so you'll have more trouble picking those up in the fringe areas of both southern and northern Europe. This is quite deliberate - the providers are trying hard to make it very difficult for you to view these channels away from the UK - quoting "copyright issues". It is also likely to get slightly more difficult across 2013-15 as the new satellites with more channels but less spread finally come on stream. Reception can usually be achieved though - with the right equipment. On the convenience side, if your idea of making camp is to draw up, pull on the handbrake and open a bottle, then fiddling about with a fully manual system, tripod, sat-finder, extension cables, etc, may not be for you. On the other hand if you intend to park up under some shady trees for a week or so, then maybe that exterior portable system is just what you need to get line of sight to the satellite!  Some owners of fully automatic dishes also take a 'cheap' backup portable along for when 'line of sight' is a problem and an extension lead will solve it. When looking at the cost side of things do bear in mind that the dearer systems are often also the cheapest to install and can easily be kept when you change your vehicle so they might offer a lower 'total cost of ownership' even though the initial outlay is fairly high!  PgDn for details ...

The top Kathrein systems like the CAP 910 are remarkable fully automatic unit with twin LNBs, built-in GPS, and auto skew (polarisation adjustment) for peak reception at or near the footprint fringe with unrivalled speed and accuracy. Still considered the best at edge of range. It comes complete with a combined controller & receiver, HD for the 910 and SD for the 900.  A separate digibox is needed for Sky of course.  Buy below.

Auto-Skew is a very important feature at edge of range and its availability is spreading, even portable domes offer it now, do watch out for its appearance across several product types.

Some quick thoughts:  Top selling budget dish - Multimo. Top selling no hassle fully automatic high performance dish - Dome. Best selling through-roof crank-ups - Camos FlatSat and FlatSat+ and Globesat. Top performance dish at footprint edge - Kathrein CAP9xx series. Also for ease of use give some serious thought to going freesat (not Freeview nb) see

System Type




Famously Camos. Auto domes offer the ultimate in convenience and great Astra 2 performance from such a small package.

Two types: in-motion & static. The in-motion version allows reception on the move, very popular for European touring with UK radio via Sky! 

Variants include twin LNB & Auto-skew

Very simple to use, very quick to lock-on - in just seconds.

Simple to install, no preparation before use, unaffected by wind.

Discrete, ideal for wilding.

Can use with several satellites.

Long life - take it with you.

Can paint to match (non-metallic).

Portable versions now available.

Twin LNB & Auto-Skew are now available in many ranges

Higher cost  and extra vehicle height, 30-40cms depending on model chosen.

Although good, not quite the best performer at the edge of the satellite footprint (range).

Must position van in open area for line of sight to satellite.

Camos hard to find in UK now but others as just below are readily available, some only for pro install.

RoadPro / Glomex / Megasat / Oyster Sat-Domes & others.

As above

Very similar to the above but lighter weight and lower power consumption and all at a great price. Portable version/s are now available too.

Now with most/all the variants as Camos. Sometimes fewer satellites preloaded but importantly Astra 1 & 2 & Hotbird are included

Automatic - Conventional

De-luxe & traditional.

Brands: Mecatronic, Crystop Autosat & Light (flatsat) & Solosat Globus, Kathrein Cap series. Roadpro.

Cystop Internet 85 IP Copter

Simple in use and no preparation before use. Low height <25cms when on the move.

Choice of dish size to suit everything from limited roof space to fringe area use. Many can also be used with multiple satellites.

Satellite Internet + TV on some

Installed cost quite high.

Installation can sometimes be complex. Can be heavy.

Wind can be a real problem.

Must position van in open area.

Sat-internet option is far from cheap with high ongoing costs and isn't straightforward either,

Through-Roof Systems

Two types: Manual & semi-auto.

e.g. brands: Camos Flat-sat, Globesat, Kathrein BAS.

Much lower cost

Less preparation than manual portable & exterior systems.

Permanent fixture, internal operation even in bad weather!

Fully manual or assisted so more to set up each time. Restricted positioning options due to interior operation, usually thro' wardrobe roof. Must be sited in open area.

Fully Manual Systems

Almost always portable and set up outside with tripod or mast. e.g. brands: Multimo, Kerstan, Zehnder Camping and also the Globesat & Kathrein with tripods.

Lowest cost, no installation cost.

Can be moved to avoid trees and other line of sight obstacles.

Fully portable for use anywhere.

Small dishes are less susceptible to movement, can use on boats.

Large dishes used in fringe areas.

Needs setting up wherever it is used - in all weathers.

Wind can be a real problem.

Must be stowed away afterwards.

Additional paraphernalia like tripods, sat-finders, extension cables, compass, etc., required.

Free to Air Receivers (FTA).


For BBC, ITV, Ch 4 & 5 & radio but not Sky. Can get other satellites with CNN, BBCWorld, Sky News.

Can have fiddly menus, searching, finding and setting up. Not SKY apart from the FTA channels like Sky News. Usually poor EPGs.


Freesat List based on BBC, ITV, Radio & the Channel 4 & 5 Suites, More4 etc. Can get other FTAs like Sky News.

Freesat tuning and EPG very user friendly for the main channels.

iPlayer now on many HD boxes

A slightly limited range of channels (though plainly the core UK ones).

Non-freesat FTA channels can be quite techie to set up and then less easy to access than the main ones

No Gold nor Dave suites

Limited footprint.

Receivers with CAM slot (Conditional Access Module).

All FTA features but also enables subscription programmes from Astra 1, Hotbird, Thor, Eurobird & Hispasat satellites

Must have a card/cards, can get complicated. (Not to be confused with SKY cards).

SKY Receivers

One of the simplest user operating systems with good EPG. A full range of SKY programmes incl the Discovery suite, Gold, the Dave / Home suite etc. plus radio.

Must have a Sky monthly subscription and card or a once only ~20 card for limited channels.

BBC etc may not be available throughout the wider sat beam


(Not satellite but related)

Click here for the Slingbox page

Remarkable device that connects your TV to the internet so you can login to control & view it from any broadband connection worldwide. No dish, no footprint issues, and BBC/ITV/Sky/Cable worldwide!

Needs mobile broadband or good wifi, ordinary dial up is no good. Running cost varies with your mobile provider's charges but could be zero on an inclusive package or a fortune roaming abroad.


Camos Flat-sats:  Planar. Best selling manual crank-up units: The amazing Self-sat Top and Selfsat Plus offer decent performances equivalent to 55cm or 65cm dishes but fold flat for compact storage and are very easy to use with higher tolerance towards misalignment and wind. Instead of a conventional dish, the Flat-Sat uses a planar antenna to catch a satellite’s beam. This is a very efficient method and enables the “dish” to be much smaller, taking up less room on a vehicle or boat roof and making it easier both to install and use. They're lightweight too, the 'Top' model illustrated right adding just 12cm folded height and 5.5Kg in weight. This one requires 520mm x 475mm space on the roof. Allow about 20cm min dia inside - in your wardrobe usually - to operate the rotate and crank. The larger 'Plus' model at a modest 6.5Kg has an antenna of 560 x 300 x 103 which has variable skew for best reception further away from the UK; albeit this is not adjustable remotely, we normally have ours set for mid-France and so might have to reset it for a trip to NW Scotland!  Click here for a PDF copy of the installation & setup instructions & picture guide in a new window. These are now supplied in a universal 'long' shaft version and some of you will need to shorten the shaft to suit your own roof - an extra bit of DIY for you but not complicated; the revised instruction set link above illustrates this but the packed instructions may not! The newer larger 'Plus' version with 65cm dish equivalence is now available along with the twin LNB versions!  Buy Below >>> (PgDn)

Sat-Domes:  New & improved designs from 2011 & 2013 - usually with larger dishes than older design domes and optionally extra features like twin-LNB and Auto Skew. Increased elevation range - for northern coverage, Updated electronics for faster & quieter search times. Some of the Mk4s offer additional features of both GPS positioning & Auto-Skew for even faster finding and improved reception. The Mk3 will be upgradable to the Mk4's GPS & Skew. Skew refers to the rotation of the LNB to compensate for the curvature of the Earth. A few degrees of Skew can make all the difference between a good signal or no signal at all in fringe areas or bad weather, manual skew is far from easy but auto-skew is great, you won't know it has happened - apart from better reception at footprint edge! 

D3208 | RoadPro 40cm Sat-Dome: In Motion, Triple LNB** Camos Domes are hard to find now in the UK - the main UK importer now brings in their own badged WiWorld Domes as pic right.  Also see the new compact auto dishes above they are based on the same technology and some common parts - click to go  For service issues contact Camos direct at

The Sat-dome introduced by Camos and 'copied' by others is a totally different type of Satellite TV system, especially designed for mobile use. Easier to use and simpler to install than any other system, sat-domes are also incredibly efficient, allowing TV reception in areas where, using conventional methods, a dish twice the size would be needed.* SatDomes are so easy to install that any competent DIY enthusiast can do the job, either fixing directly to a roof or (better) to mounting plates which are left in position when the dome itself is removed. To operate the system just switch it on; that's it. Unlike other dishes, Camos sat domes are unaffected by wind and cannot get stuck or left in the up-position! They are widely used on motorhomes, boats, caravans, coaches, trucks and vans all over Europe and are being fitted by several vehicle manufacturers. Un;ike dishes it is possible to use them in wind and even on the move and they're also discrete in use so much favoured by wild campers. The models here are fine for inland craft but a special marine version is required for offshore boats. *Reception depends on dish and LNB design as well as size so it is possible to design compact mobile systems and 'break the rules' about dish sizes ... Re 40cm Domes "In the rest of Europe it has a similar performance to any other satellite dish with a diameter of less than 1.2M as shown on the official ASTRA 2D (BBC-ITV etc) footprint maps. For ASTRA 2A & 2B, performance is similar to dishes of 75cm as shown on the official ASTRA maps". Astonishing for such a compact unit!  Buy Below >>> (PgDn)

Click for an astonishing old 'footprint' map for Astra-1/2 South Beam with the 30 & 40cm domes.

Click for PDF of the official 2016 footprints for  30cm Dome  &  40cm Dome
Note: BBC &  ITV is in the blue circle for the Astra 2 'flight'. (Now Astra 2 E - F - G).
These official maps follow changes during 2013-15 when new satellites were commissioned.

Domes have been reported picking up signals outside the official map areas, sometimes way outside but these are exceptions and cannot be relied upon. Domes offer quite remarkable performance for their size - "as a guide the 40cm Dome behaves rather like an 80cm dish on the UK Astra 2 beams, better in some places and in the auto-skew version". 

Quick Overview of Satellite Footprints & Beams - :  What we call satellite TV is actually a range of programmes transmitted from a number of different satellites. For convenience most of our programmes come from the close group, or 'flight' of 'Astra' satellites that seem to operate as one. Actually they are Astra 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D at 28E. The first three cover most of Europe and can be picked up with modest sized dishes, even the little Multimo. The bad news for Brits is that Astra 2D carries BBC & ITV and this has a very restricted tight-spot-beam and small footprint - only easily viewed over the Britain & Ireland, Northern France and the low countries. Why? "Copyright issues" - i.e. deliberate commercial restriction!  So, if you want to watch the core UK channels further away - be prepared for some big spending plus occasional disappointments. But if you want everything in the UK plus a collection of Sky programmes when abroad then a more modest dish will serve you very well indeed.  

Satellite Beams:
(All Astra 2!)

New Astra 2E 2F 2G beams are similar but more restrictive, the map right is typical of the main UK public channels with the light blue ring probably showing the reliable limit to good reception with most systems.
Click for PDF of the official 2016 footprints for - 30cm Dome - 40cm Dome - BBC & ITV in blue ring.

Map-1, left, shows the “footprint” of the satellite transponder which transmits Channel 5, Sky News, CNN, some ITV 1 regions, and many more channels. This footprint is for the old Astra 2A/B Satellite – south beam.

Map-2. middle, shows the area in which it is possible to receive Channel 4, Sky One, Sky Sports, Sky Films and much more. This footprint is for the old Astra 2A/B Satellite – north beam.

Map-3, right, shows the area to which ITV and all BBC TV & radio programmes are broadcast including via both Sky and Freesat. As you might expect it is a very restricted range but, with the correct equipment, stations can be sometimes be received over a much wider area than would appear to be the case, this used to include odd blobs down into southern Spain, this is reported to have disappeared in 2015 but reliable comparable reports are still fairly thin on the ground. The restricted 'official' footprint however means these UK channels are the 'difficult' programs whatever size dish you have!  This map is the old Astra 2D.

NB: An important point for understanding - 'Sky' will see all the Astra satellites as if they were just one wherever reception is good; but where reception is poor you only get the channels transmitted on the particular satellite that your dish can see ... so the above footprints and their channels are very important!

Kathrein CAP 910: "Furthest Astra 2D coverage of all dishes in its class including parts of Portugal and southern Spain". Astra 2D carries the BBC & ITV channels which are usually very difficult to get in these areas where very large dishes are a common sight. Kathrein CAP 900/910 Automatic Satellite System: Fabulous product using the best of the latest technology making this the most sophisticated model of its kind available. GPS technology positions the dish with unrivalled speed and accuracy; even the L.N.B. is automatically adjusted for optimum performance every time the system is switched on. This extreme accuracy gives the CAP 900 a performance equivalent to other systems with considerably bigger dishes. Click here for a footprint performance map. A twin L.N.B. is standard enabling a SKY receiver to be easily connected and the CAP 900 comes with its own sophisticated, fully featured receiver which enables reception of dozens of different satellites and up to 4,000 channels. Two common access slots are provided so that subscription cards (not SKY cards) can also be used. This receiver also acts as the system’s controller, saving space and ensuring a neat and tidy installation. The receiver is simple to use via the on-screen display and even a first-time user should be able to use the system within minutes of installation. This system is complete and, after installation, ready to go. It only requires an additional receiver if you wish to receive Channels 4 & 5 or any SKY subscription channels. All BBC & ITV channels - along with hundreds of other English language ones and thousands of foreign channels can all be received without any additional cost. NB: SKY+ receivers can be used with the CAP 900 but will not offer the same features as when used at home. For instance, it is not possible to watch one channel while recording another. Features: High-gain 77cm parabolic dish Typical search less than one minutePre-programmed for satellites including: Astra 2, Eurobird, Astra 1, Hotbird, Atlantic Bird, Hispasat, Thor, Nilesat, Turksat, Eutelsat, Hellas Sat, Telecom Comes with Kathrein’s UFS 740 receiver which is also used to control the system Any satellite receiver including SKY receivers can be used as well Lowered dish height 23cms Roof loading 18.9Kgs Controller 280mm x 45mm x 185mm,  12v 26w once locked on Approx 4A searching.  Buy Below >>> (or PgDn)

Kathrein CAP 600 Automatic Satellite System:  The CAP 600 combines the practicality of Kathrein’s planar dish with the convenience and ease of use of the new UFS 740 controller / receiver. This makes it an excellent choice for people who want to be able access a variety of satellites but who need a compact dish and motor unit perhaps because of a lack of roof space. The receiver enables reception of dozens of different satellites and up to 4,000 channels. Two common access slots are provided so that subscription cards (not SKY cards) can also be used. This receiver also acts as the system’s controller, saving space and ensuring a neat and tidy installation. The system is simple to operate via the on-screen display and even a first-timer should be able to use the system within minutes of installation. The dish itself is of the planar-type.This is a very efficient method of receiving satellite signals so that, although the dish itself only measures 50cm x 50cm, it’s performance is similar to a conventional 60cm dish. The skew angle of the LNB can be adjusted for best reception.  Buy Below >>> (or PgDn)

Globesat Thro-roof Satellite Dishes & Finders:  The Globesat dish has continuously proved to be one of the favourite budget systems to use on motorcaravans and motorhomes. It works well with both digital and analogue broadcasts, at home and abroad. With all terrestrial programs now available on digital satellite this makes terrestrial omni and even directional antennas obsolete!  In tests the Globesat’s patented cassegraine dish has proved to be 20 - 25% more powerful than conventional dishes. Add to that a top of the range low noise LNB and the performance is further increased - so although just 60 cm in diameter this product performs like an 80 cm dish!  It is compact, streamlined, corrosion free, light but strong and is more aerodynamic than a conventional dish + arm. The roof kit version is designed to be installed thru-roof - in the motorhome wardrobe e.g. where it can easily be raised, lowered, directed and locked into position from within the comfort of your own vehicle. The separate dish and bracket can be mounted with your own arrangement or on our convenient tripod. For price, performance and convenience this is one of the best dishes available. Ship weight 5Kg. With all digital satellite setups it is essential to use a satellite signal strength meter such as the ones offered here. A compass is also very handy - many of you may have one already.  Buy Below >>> (PgDn)

Welcome back!  Multimo Satellite Dish:  Temporarily unavailable due to a factory fire but now making a very welcome reappearance. The Multimo is probably the best selling portable satellite dish in the U.K., its very compact size with protected rear mounted LNB and straightorward ease of use making it an ideal dish for mobile use. Although it only measures 40cm in diameter, the Multimo's special and compact construction has the performance of a 55cm satellite dish and can be used for many stations over the whole of Europe. The Multimo can be simply placed on a table or clamped to a shelf or step or removed from its base and clamped to a pole or tripod mount. There are magnetic and sucker mounts available too. If used with a satfinder in accordance with the instructions supplied, it should take no longer than a few minutes to set the system up and be receiving satellite TV. The Multimo portable satellite dish is suitable for use with both analogue and digital transmissions and can be used with any satellite receiver including SKY digiboxes and Freesat. A twin LNB version also available for use with Sky+. We also offer a very handy complete Multimo+FTA kit - as pic. See footprint map here Buy Below >>> (PgDn)

Roof-top Cable Entry:  Use one of our cable entry boxes (left) in single or twin versions. When used with Sikaflex these specially designed boxes ensure a watertight entry for 1 or 2 cables being taken through the vehicle’s roof. It can accommodate cabling with a thickness of between 6-12 mm. Singles suit all the newer domes but twins are needed for the older 'mk1' static domes and for solar panels. As supplied with Domes & Crank-up Flat-Sat. For permanent exterior cabling.

External Weatherproof Connection Socket:  A weatherproof socket from Maxview with fitting kit to attach to the exterior of your motorhome or caravan or boat allowing an external TV aerial and/or satellite dish to connect easily and neatly to the TV equipment inside the vehicle. . Interior cables are attached but the supplied connectors are not fitted in order so you can cut the cables to length. For temporary external cabling.

Confused? Yes we were too when we first started!   Please fee free to with your questions.  Please do read all the above first and try to answer the three basic questions ... 1. Which channels are most important to me and which could I live without?  2. Whereabouts do I want to watch them?  3. What's my budget and how much extra am I prepared to spend on setup convenience?  If you know the answers to those questions you're well on your way - but if not you probably won't be asking the right questions!!

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Satellite Dishes & Accessories   (See accessories for Sikaflex adhesive-sealant)

Any Greyed-out are out of stock or temporarily unavailable


Express Delivery Option


Express/ Rush Delivery - an additional -


Fitting aids

Part No:



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Weatherproof Single Cable Entry Box 6-12mm for routing a single co-ax through the roof



Weatherproof Single Cable Entry Box 2-6mm for routing a single co-ax through the roof



Weatherproof Twin Cable Entry Box 6-12mm for routing twin co~ax cables through the roof  (for twin LNB e.g.)



Weatherproof Twin Cable Entry Box 2-6mm for routing twin co~ax cables through the roof  (for twin LNB e.g.)




Dekasyl MS5 High-grab Setting Sealant - White

Motorhome/caravan product. Modified silicone high viscosity high grab, strong, watertight, uv resistant, permanently elastic.

Recommended for its easier positioning while it cures.





Dekasyl MS5 High-grab Setting Sealant - Black

Motorhome/caravan product. Modified silicone high viscosity high grab, strong, watertight, uv resistant, permanently elastic.




Sikaflex 512 300ml tube for mastic gun - Delivered price

The Outdoor PU Adhesive/sealant for motorhome use.


MegaSat-Domes  German quality & performance & unique new portable dome  When available

Part No:



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Unfortunately Megasat not available to us a the moment


RoadPro Sat-Domes - fantastic ease & convenience.  (like the well known Camos Domes).

Post-Brexit pricing now on RoadPro Static Satellite Domes - for UK TV & Radio. GB and near-Europe

Part No:



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RoadPro Static 30cm Sat-Dome 

Use when height is an issue



RoadPro Static 40cm Sat-Dome 

Use for better reception at edge of range



RoadPro Static 30cm Sat-Dome - Twin LNB

Use when height is an issue but twin LNBs needed



RoadPro Static 40cm Sat-Dome - Twin LNB

Use for better reception at edge of range & twin needed



RoadPro Static 30cm Sat-Dome - Auto Skew

Use when height is an issue but better edge reception needed



RoadPro Static 40cm Sat-Dome - Auto Skew 

Use for best reception at edge of range



RoadPro Static 30cm Sat-Dome - Twin LNB Auto Skew

Use when height is an issue but twin & better edge needed



RoadPro Static 40cm Sat-Dome - Twin LNB Auto Skew 

Use for best reception at edge of range with twin LNBs



Replacement Feet for Domes - set of four
Only needed if the original feet are damaged or severed. Can be used as secondary feet to aid removal./transfer later.


RoadPro Static Portable Satellite Dome - no dome installation needed!

Part No:



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Roadpro Portable Dome Twin LNB + Auto Skew
with 38cm Cassegrain Dish. Fully auto.

Astra 1, Astra 2, Hotbird. Use for best line of sight wherever you are. No roof installation involved (nor possible). 12v control unit is installed in 'van.  When available



Roadpro Portable Dome
with 38cm Cassegrain Dish. Fully auto.

Astra 2, Astra 1, Hotbird, Sirius, AB3, Hispasat. Use for best line of sight wherever you are. No roof installation involved (nor possible). 12v control unit is installed in 'van.


RoadPro In-motion Satellite Domes - for UK Radio & TV on the move.  And now cheaper than ever!

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RoadPro In-motion 30cm Sat-Dome 

Use when height is an issue



RoadPro In-motion 40cm Sat-Dome 

Use for better reception at edge of range


Dome Mounting Plates & Replacement Feet


Replacement Feet for Domes - set of four
Only needed if the original feet are damaged or severed. Can be used as secondary feet to aid removal./transfer later.


RoadPro Compact Auto-Sat - superb ease & convenience with very little added height.

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RoadPro Compact Folding Satellite System  Complete with interior 12v control box. Fully automatic, weighing only a few kilos and needed only 52/59cm operating. folds to just 18cm. Ideal wherever space and/or height is at a premium.



RoadPro Compact Folding Sat System - Twin LNB - Sale Complete with interior 12v control box. Fully auto, weighs only a few kilos and needs only 52/59cm operating. folds to just 18cm. Ideal wherever space and/or height is at a premium.


Kathrein Dishes - Automatic.  

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Semi-auto Remote Control Roof Mounted Dishes

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Camos & Globesat through-roof Manual Dishes  (incl Flat-Sat)

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Camos Flat-sat Plus - The larger 2009 Crank-up Planar Antenna for reception that bit further South and East. Equivalent to 65cm dish but also 'skew-able' for better BBC, ITV & other stations when 'on the edge' - recommended if travelling to Spain, Germany, Italy, or E.Europe
For a footprint map as a PDF click here

NB: Special price - no other offer applies to this product.



Twin LNB Camos Flat-sat Plus - The larger 2009 Crank-up Planar Antenna for twin LNB reception that bit further S & E. Equivalent to a 65cm dish but also 'skew-able' for better BBC, ITV & other stations when 'on the edge' - highly recommended if travelling to Spain, Germany, Italy, or E.Europe. We use ourselves. NB: Special price - no other offer applies to this.



Globesat 60cm Dish Kit - Through-roof


 Two items below plus many spares now to order only - with a 2-3 week lead time


Globesat Twin LNB 60cm Dish Kit - Through-roof
Twin LNB version of Globesat allows the user to access extra TV features like view TV in HD and view + record TV programs (with compatible box).  NB: 2-3 week lead time



NEW: Globesat SAT + Aerial  60cm Dish Kit - Through-roof.  Uniquely incorporates both dish and aerial to receive Satellite TV, DVB-T & Analogue Terrestrial via two cables.  2-3 weeks



Globesat  60cm Dish, Bracket & LNB only



Globesat  Mast only



Globesat  Twin Cable Mast only



Spare: Twin LNB (only) for Globesat 60cm  also converts 30760/62 to twin - if you can run the 2nd cable somewhere!



Spare: Univeral LNB (only) for Globesat 60cm



Tripod suitable for Globesat for easy ground level set-up



Sat-finder recommended for use with Globesat



Spare for Globesat Dish - Roof Mount



Spare for Globesat Dish - Wall mount



Spare for Globesat Dish - LNB



Spare for Globesat Dish - Roof Bracket



Spare for Globesat Dish - Finger Screw



Spare for Globesat Dish - Upper Fork



Spare for Globesat Dish - Pin


Manual & Auto Portable Dishes & Kits 

See the Accessories section below for cable boxes, mounts, stands, etc.

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Maxview Omnisat Kit 54cm  Portable 54cm satellite kit, includes Dish with single folding LNB, Tripod, Sat finder, Cable, Compass, Holdall, Instructions, 2 Year Guarantee



Maxview Omnisat Kit 66cm  Portable 66cm satellite kit, includes Dish with single folding LNB, Tripod, Sat finder, Cable, Compass, Holdall, Instructions, 2 Year Guarantee



Multimo Satellite Dish. Clever design, small size but with big performance. A Great Price too!
Footprint map for the Multimo - seen here



Multimo Carrying Bag. Possibly discontinued



Multimo Twin LNB Dish (for Sky+ e.g.)



Powerful Magnetic Mount suitable for Multimo


Satellite Receivers & Controllers 

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Digital RF Modulator 12V   Got Modern equipment using Scart etc but only co-ax available on the TV?  Use this electronic gadget to convert Scart in to RF Co-axial out.



Manhattan Freesat HD 320Gb  Recording Receiver (PVR) with whisper quiet fanless design. Same receiver as above but with built-in pause-rewind live TV and HDD recording - NB requires two satellite feeds (twin LNB). Pre-programmed for Astra 2 satellite for nearly 200 channels including all the BBC ITV CH4 More4 Childrens Radio etc Full week easy E.P.G. with reminder, Favourites Lists, Teletext, Auto-scan tuning, 1 x HDMI, 2 x SCART out (no RF co-ax), Remote control, 280 x 183 x 41 mm, 1000g.



Comag FTA (Free to Air) Receiver. 12v/230v
Widely used and as recommended by our Glomex supplier.
(As with all FTAs not all channels are available). Last few



Micro Electronics M310 12V HD Satellite Receiver (193006) 
Value & ease of use!  Includes: Receiver, Instructions quick start, Remote control, IR sensor, Euro mains plug (need converter for UK), 12v lead. HDMI: 1x Full HD 1080p. 1x SCART. On-screen menu. Favourites: 8 lists Max.  Recording / playback from USB. Tuner: 1x HDTV-DVB-S2-TUNER. WDH: 167x100x35mm 0.5Kg. Warranty 2 years.



Sterling 150W 12V-230V PRO POWER Q INVERTER. A good-looking portable 12V inverter which can be plugged directly into a vehicle’s lighter socket. Ideal for use with many laptop computers and other small 230V electronic appliances.



Sterling 200W 12V-230V PURE SINE INVERTER. Technically the best ideal for use more sensitive electronic equipment & inductive loads like toothbrushes 400W peak


Satellite Dish Mounts, Finders & Accessories

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Sikaflex 512 300ml tube for mastic gun - Delivered price

The Outdoor PU Adhesive/sealant for motorhome use.




Dekasyl MS5 High-grab Setting Sealant - White

Motorhome/caravan product. Modified silicone high viscosity high grab, strong, watertight, uv resistant, permanently elastic.

Recommended for its easier positioning while it cures.





Dekasyl MS5 High-grab Setting Sealant - Black

Motorhome/caravan product. Modified silicone high viscosity high grab, strong, watertight, uv resistant, permanently elastic.




DFS80 Sat-finder. Clearly indicates exactly which of 8 Satellites is found as well as signal strength. Compatible with ALL manual satellite systems. Feedback is "Fantastic"!  Easy to use. Can be slightly extended delivery sometimes.



DFS80E Sat-finder. Clearly shows which Satellite found as well as signal strength. This one has a dish elevation guide too but can only be used on systems equipped with a special Electronic Angle Detector system - Voyager Matic and Voyager G3 Digimatic e.g. Approx 14-21 days delivery.


Express Delivery Option


Express/ Rush Delivery - an additional -



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