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  Silvered Screens  -  an overview    

Silver Screens or Silvered Screens?  Many people refer to these screens by their common name of 'silver screens' rather like the generic names of 'Hoover' and 'Biro' and 'Caravanette' to identify this well known product group. Our silver surface or silvered screens are not the original 'Silver Screens' brand sold by J&M.

New: Polar Screens in a Soft Padded Fabric:  See below

Wide Range: We now offer a wide range of insulating screen covers and combined screen and cab or bonnet covers so we thought it would help to offer you this overview with links to individual pages for the products.

First things first - Internal or external? There has been a lot of debate over which type is best but each has its advantages and disadvantages - external screens give the best overall insulation and the best condensation reduction inside - internal screens are easier and much more convenient to use, especially if the weather is bad when taking down wet screens in the rain and then storing them isn't much fun!.

Next - Is price a guide to performance?  Broadly speaking yes. Our 300 screens will give you a lot more insulation than the 70 ones. There are other factors though, A-class screens are always more expensive than those for their van based cousins, also insulation is a bit like hi-fi, you get a lot for your money straightaway but every extra move towards perfection costs more and more. The choice is not necessarily that difficult though, you won't need the very best screens for a bit of privacy and reduced condensation on a cooler late summer morning but you may well need the best you can afford if you choose to go skiing, alpine camping, or even to spend your New Year in wildest Scotland - when a 'front end jacket' might be best.

Finally - Our ranges ...

Interior Screens from Italy offering excellent value, typically 69.

One of our
Best Sellers.

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Exterior Screens from Italy offering excellent value, typically 89.

Not the prettiest but amazing value

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German Externals, at the higher end of the 'ordinary' ranges. Kantop Isomatten & Hindermann 4-Seasons Typically 89 & 144/5.

Best sellers.

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Polar Turn-downs. UK Made Soft padded fabric, easy turn-down, great cold performance, made to wrap right round cab incl doors.

Popular winter choice

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Thermolux German External  Screens  German, top notch insulation for winter and alpine use, typically from 259 for van cab versions.

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A-Class Screens from Germany in internal and external versions, typically 168 and 195 or 259 for the superb Thermolux alpine range plus the unique UK Polar with easy fix.

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The world famous RemiFront pleated blind sets for the windscreen and/or cab doors.

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External Jackets from Germany in full or part enclosing versions, or even the amazing convertible 'Duo' at typically 225 to start and 170 for the add-on skirt. Thermolux.

Most are stock items but some of the lower volume a-class items might have to be ordered in specially.

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