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  Mini-inverter, Adapters, Bungees, Omnistop, etc    

Get Organised! Great Garage product - but under bed/seat storage too?

New:  Revolutionary Bungee Clic from Ring: "Its as easy as clic & connect" We've all got some bungees somewhere, they're handy, quick and mostly pretty efficient securing straps. Downsides are that we never seem to have exactly the right length, can't easily branch off around awkward shapes and don't always have the right hook or location point. But no longer!  Ring have re-thought the whole idea and have come up with a modular system with universal 'click & connect'  ends that accept a whole range of hooks, locking hooks, y-pieces, and even wall mounts for places regularly needed like on a trailer or in a motorhome garage for example. The ends twist lock into place for safety in use too.  Brilliant! - A complete system for securing loads and objects, customisable in a variety of ways to build the correct length and shape ties needing for securing a wide range of objects. No more unsafe coupling or wrong lengths, the range of accessories and connectors allow you to custom build and adapt to suit whatever loads you need to fix or secure into place. Most are available now but just a few items coming in May. The way to make it all work for you is to get a kit together, it's a bit like Meccano - more bits equals more fun and much better results!  Ring video here (in new tab).

For the Ring bungeeclic catalogue pages click here (in new tab)    Buy Below >>>      

Other Bungees Gadgets & Widgets: Oojits, Thingummies, Doodahs, Whatsits:  All the bits and pieces we can't easily place elsewhere!  Boot Storage Bags, Visor CD Holder, 12V Plug for UK & Euro DIN Sockets, Altimeter & Barometer, Triple Cigarette Lighter Socket Adaptor, Compass, Bungee straps and more.  Our most popular bungee packs are illustrated right but there are more listed below. They really are the most incredibly useful storage straps and we offer a quality 'Jumbo' range covering everything from lightweight minis through standard assorted bungees to heavier duty adjustable rubber straps plus a cargo net and even a 4t tow rope. Illustrated: Assorted 6 pk right, minis centre, heavier adjustable left.   Buy Below >>>

And New:  the brilliantly simple Omnistop ... below ...

Omnistop:  A brilliantly simple idea.  Innovative, simple and effective and perfect for keeping plates, magazines, and other loose items in place as you travel - use flat or upright. A very effective anti-rattle device too!  Very easy to use by adjusting the arm in the anodised securing bar. The sturdy white plastic support arm is 20 cm long and has an integral firm spring for positional grip and for maximum effectiveness. One or even two in each cupboard?!   Buy Below >>>

New: The Camping Lantern brought right up to date!  Pack-away LED lighting easily powered by convenient AA batteries. Heavy-duty and super bright thanks to the 1-Watt LED. This rugged, space-saving design packs safely into its own housing for transport. It automatically shuts off when closed and features a 4 position switch High, Low, Off and Emergency Strobe. Metallised finish, integrated fold-away handle, water resistant construction, small carabineer included, open size: 125 x 69 x 47 mm, closing to 81 high and powered by 4 AA batteries, 220 g with batteries. Brilliant - in both senses!

Ring Mini-Inverter:  Voted Best Buy in Auto Express in Feb 2006!  This is an extremely useful small 75W invertor that deserves a place in almost every vehicle. Using a modified sine wave, this unit has an excellent surge rating of 150W and is rated at 56W continuous and only 0.1A 'off line'. At just about three inches long with a clever flexible elbow design the MP 75 can be used in all 12v vehicles providing they have a cigarette lighter socket - even where it is somewhat buried in a fascia or tray. Absolutely ideal for powering and charging mobile phones, camcorders, digital cameras and rechargeable batteries like NiMH, plus many laptops & notebooks and even some games consoles. Simply plug the MP75 into a cigarette lighter socket and plug in the 240V device, then you have portable 'mains' electricity suitable for powering portable devices up to 75 watts capacity. Nb: Not suitable for most rechargeable toothbrushes!  But what fantastic value!


Useful & Interesting Widgets!  New: 5-in-1 Wind-up Torch, the ultimate emergency light gadget, choose single-led or five-led, flashing light, belt cutter or glass smasher - we all need one but hope never to use it!  Very handy Twin Lighter Socket Adapter complete with 2x USB ports for charging phones, cameras, etc. A handy CD Holder for up to 12 CDs that attaches to the sun visor with a rubber strap to give easy access, complete with penholder and a tidy net : A Dual Function 12V Plug, a clever device that fits a normal cigarette lighter socket but then with the red tip twisted off it also fits European 12V DIN sockets too - very handy! : A combined 70mm diameter Altimeter and Barometer gives useful weather information when you're static and altitude changes when you're on the move, it indicates up to 3,000m (10,000ft) - if you get that far! It comes with a sticky backed magnetic bracket for easy removal for walking e.g : A Compass for simple navigation when the sun doesn't shine, this comes in two versions - one flat backed for dashboard mounting and the other goose necked for windscreen mounting. Try it out in different positions before fixing to make sure you avoid any strong magnetic zones near the dashboard equipment! : Our two sizes of Fresnel Reversing Lens /Lenses are essential accessories for many - ideal for checking to see that hidden post, bicycle or even child when reversing. They 'bend' vision to allow you to see behind the vehicle so are ideal for Motorhomes, Estates, Vans, Hatchbacks, mini-buses, taxis, 4x4s & MPVs, i.e. any vehicles without boots or major rear obstructions or steeply sloping coup type windows. For best effect choose the biggest that won't obscure your normal rear vision, larger vehicles almost always need the larger lens. To apply clean the rear window and then wipe it with a wet cloth to moisten the window before applying and then allowing to dry : A Triple Socket Adaptor converts a single cigarette lighter socket into three - very handy for low power gadgets like GPS : And finally the versatile & compact 31x19.5 cm Luggage Net will tidy up all those loose odds and ends or keep maps to hand in the cab for example:  Buy Below >>>

Boot Bags:  A simple but great idea. If like me you use old supermarket bags for those walking boots and outdoor trainers maybe you're fed up with their scruffy appearance and inevitable trails of dried mud?  If so these are for you!  They are both stylish in slate /blue fabric and very practical in two handy sizes. The larger bag is 39x21x27cm approx and just takes both our walking boots.  Buy Below >>>

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Assorted Widgets, Doodahs, Thingamyjigs  &  Bungees


Bungee-Clic System from Ring Automotive - All cords expand by 50%, max working load 80Kgs.

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Bungee-Clic Load Kit 8 piece 
Contains: 2 x J Hooks, 2 x Locking Hooks, 1 x Straight Connectors, 1 x 90cm, 1 x 60cm, 1 x 30cm Bungee Cords.



Bungee-Clic Load Kit 10 piece 
Contains: 2 x J Hooks, 2 x Carabiner Hooks, 2 x Straight Connectors, 2 x 30cm Bungee Cords, 2 x 60cm Bungee Cords plus a Handy Storage BagComing in May (preorder?)



Bungee-Clic J-Hooks Steel Core 2 piece 



Bungee-Clic Adjusting Hooks 2 piece 



Bungee-Clic Locking Hooks 2 piece 



Bungee-Clic Straight Connector 2 piece 
Key items for joining cords to make any length



Bungee-Clic Y-Connector Single



Bungee-Clic Wall Mount Connector 2 piece 



Bungee-Clic 30cm Cord 2 piece



Bungee-Clic 60cm Cord 2 piece



Bungee-Clic 90cm Cord 2 piece



Bungee-Clic 120cm Cord 2 piece


Bungees - elasticated straps, excellent and well presented, also suitable as small gifts & thank-yous


Assorted Bungee Pack 6pcs. 6x Stretch. 2x25cm plus 1 ea of 45, 60, 80, & 100 cm. Light duty (i.e. the normal ones).



Assorted Mini Bungee Pack 8pcs. 8x Stretch. 8x25cm with rounded safety hooks. Light duty (i.e. the normal ones).



Adjustable Bungee Pack 2pcs. 2x Stretch. 2x100cm adjustable down to about 30cm. Mdm duty (i.e. heavier).



Super Strong Bungee Twin Pack. Stronger hooks and grips on each end. 2x100cm.



Super Strong Bungee Twin Pack. Stronger hooks and grips on each end. 2x60cm.



Velcro One-wrap Reusable Tie 10mm x 5m  Brilliant - with a lower profile hook - use it ourselves for all sorts of gripping.



Velcro One-wrap Reusable Tie 10mm x 30m  Brilliant - with a lower profile hook - use it ourselves for all sorts of gripping.



Velcro One-wrap Reusable Tie 50mm x 2.5m  Brilliant - with a lower profile hook - use it ourselves for all sorts of gripping.


We carry all the bungees and Velcro above, hugely useful, wouldn't be without them!  They-re decent quality too and have replaced all manner of short-lived rubbish bought in the past!


Cargo net 75 x 75 cm  12 hook.



Ratchet Tie-downs 500cm with S-hooks, 560Kg, TUV.


Tidy up!  Products to help you keep organised.

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Luggage Net  410 X 200 mm



Omnistop Holder Single - great product for vertical or horizontal holding power, we should all have several, even multiples in one cupboard. Multiples save on postage



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5-in-1 Emergency Wind-up Torch + Cutter & Smasher



Ring MP75 mini-verter. 75W Rated. (Inverter).



CD Holder & Tidy for Cab Visor



Lighter Plug Universal - Quality item 12V 10A
Fits both UK LS & Euro DIN Sockets (via twist off cap)



Triple Ciggy Socket Adaptor - 1 in 3 out



Jump Leads HD Not monsters but good for intermittent use



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