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  LED TVs.  Glomex, Globesat, Spin View & USB Aerials    

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PgDn for 12v TV Voltage Stabiliser, 230v Polarity Reverser etc.

Cello & Cello Traveller 2 LED TVs - Recommended!  (Enox).
We could list a couple of dozen different TVs but we've picked out a few of the best and Cello are definitely those. Technology moves at a pace so we can now offer the very latest LED HD TVs at an excellent price that would have been unimaginable last year. Super slim sharp LED technology & full HD spec Television / DVD combos with HDMI. Excellent contrast in 600:1 to 1000:1 range. Very low power use, with both 240v and 12v power supplies for motorhomes the units consume only 1.6A to 2.6A to 3A depending on size & features - especially the built-in satellite receiver and of course using the DVD pushes the power draw into the higher figures. Quick start button on the remote ensures easy setup. Can record live TV onto a USB stick or external hard drive or display multi-media inputs. These very lightweight and robust units come complete with an optional stand and VESA mounting points. With full 7-day Freeview EPG. Some have a built-in HD FTA** satellite receiver as well as digital terrestrial Freeview - see the listings below. Award winning & British made!  ** NB It is FTA Satellite and not 'freesat' as stated incorrectly elsewhere! FTA Satellite dos not offer 7-day EPGs only now+next, the 7-Day feature is Freeview-only.

Smaller screens are 1366x768 resolution, larger ones are 1920x1080.

I set one of the Mk1s up myself from scratch fairly recently and found it all very easy. It was worth the effort of digging a little deeper to find the various built-in picture and sound options and also to create custom user options for these - all them then easily switchable from the remote. One small surprise though - it took a short while for the picture to 'burn-in' and settle down to normal contrast so probably not best to do all this straightaway!  Excellent satellite reception & picture once established.

Cello Mk11 Features: Also known as Version 2 and Traveller T2:
Built-in Bluetooth technology enables you to stream music directly from smart phones and other portable enabled devices to the Cello Soundbar system : T2 Freeview HD with DVB-T2 to view Freeview channels in full high definition. DVBT2 is the world’s most advanced digital terrestrial television (DTT) system : USB recording feature, simply insert a USB memory stick (not supplied), highlight the programme to record on the 7 day EPG and press record. You can also pause live TV using a memory stick for the temporary record.

Cello Traveller TV tops German Test: Published: 06 November 2012:  Cello C19EFF Traveller rated highly by ‘HiFi Test’ magazine which is among the top three most respected audio & video test magazines in Germany. Looking at the 19” model specifically the test score came out at 1.4 where a lower score is a better TV. The German tester said he had never before seen such a good result for a portable LED TV. The best result they had previously seen was 1.5. A couple of quotes from the test report read as follows: 1. “What the manufacturer has been able to accommodate within this Compact TV, considering the price, is simply unbeatable” 2. “More TV for this Price is indeed not possible”. This all sounds pretty good to me and borne out by personal experience!  for full spec. Buy Below >>> Some on Sale >>

NB: Not to be confused with the non-travel, non-12v versions & non-Traveller versions sold elsewhere! Voltage stabiliser (as below) not essential but recommended if tvs are to be used on 12v directly.

NB: Some may be branded Enox, these are made by Cello to same specs, often exported but full UK spec.

You might also be interested in TV Brackets - click here when ready to view 

Voltage Stabiliser for TV: (12v Regulated Power Supply):  With motorhome voltages varying from about 10.5v to 14.5v, depending on the state of the battery / charge / hook-up, many TVs struggle to perform and my even be outside the terms of their warranty. This 70 watt voltage stabiliser accepts 10 to 28 volts input and outputs a steady regulated 12v via a 2.1mm (centre) plug to suit many TVs. Adapters for 2.5mm and 4-pin sockets are available too. Recommended for all mobile LCD/LED TVs!  Buy Below >>>

New: Glomex Aerials - Omni and Directional: We're extremely pleased to be able to offer these new aerials, especially the Glomex Horizon directional aerial - complete with remote control!  Its unique remote control feature means you get all the benefits of a fully directional aerial with three times the efficiency of an 'omni' and very little ghosting but there's no pole in the wardrobe so it is less hassle and leaves more space for clothes. The permanent aerodynamic design with total remote control means no assembly, no climbing on the roof or ladder to pull out or re-orient aerial rods and no fiddling with a pole, just point the remote at your TV from the comfort of your 'van.

I'm told you can actually drive and receive pictures with this unit on the move (as long as you drive in a line with turns within 220 degrees). With a marine background this is a robust unit cased in a widely used Marine grade compound - ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Plastic) for maximum resistance to yellowing and cracking. It has 2 boosters, one internal and one inline, and comes with a 3 year warranty. Excellent!  To view comparisons & specifications in a PDF mini-brochure in a new window click here Buy Below >>>

The Glomex Oasis is a more conventional but top notch Omni-directional unit. Both are great value.

NB: F-Connectors are needed but not supplied even though some packaging says they are!

New: Maxview Gazelle Aerial Kit:  A streamlined Omni-Directional Aerial designed to receive all available analogue and digital terrestrial UHF TV, FM and DAB signals through 360 degrees. Designed specifically for permanent fixing on any touring or HGV vehicle. Digital Freeview compatible when used with a digital terrestrial receiver. Frequency range 40-860MHz. 12/24v. Instant-on no searching. Stylish aerodynamic design. 2 year guarantee. Includes: New variable signal booster with variable gain control, 5m coaxial cable & mounting accessories for permanent fixing, full instructions. Designed and manufactured in the UK. Instructions_here.  The long time favourite wire frame style Omnimax is also available to buy below.  Buy Now >>>

Globesat Satellite TV Dishes & Finders:  The Globesat dish has continuously proved to be the best satellite system to use on motorcaravans and motorhomes. It works well with both digital and analogue broadcasts, at home and abroad. With all terrestrial programs now available on digital satellite this makes older terrestrial omni and even directional antennas obsolete!  In tests the Globesat’s patented cassegraine dish has proved to be 20 - 25% more powerful than conventional dishes. Add to that a top of the range low noise LNB and the performance is further increased - so although just 60 cm diameter this product performs like an 80 cm dish!  It is compact, streamlined, corrosion free, light but strong and is more aerodynamic than a conventional dish + arm. The roof kit version is designed to be installed thru-roof - in the motorhome wardrobe maybe where it can easily be raised, lowered, directed and locked into position from the comfort of your own vehicle. The separate dish and bracket can be mounted with your own arrangement or on our convenient tripod. For price, performance and convenience this is simply the best dish available. With all digital satellite setups it is essential to use a satellite signal strength meter. A compass is also very handy - we know many of you have one already.  Pole ~3ft. Ship weight 5Kg.  See also our Satellite TV page.  Buy Below >>>

Globesat Omni-directional Aerial:  By the same clever people who make the cassegraine dish. A revolutionary design with an in-built amplifier. This new DVB-T mobile antenna ensures optimum reception from an omni and its enclosed design makes it highly weather resistant as well as very aerodynamic. The antenna + amplifier has an impressive gain of 28dBi for best reception of both analogue and digital-terrestrial signals wherever you go. Additionally, the height of the mast can be adjusted from inside the vehicle using the supplied mast. Mast 785mm, Mast dia 30mm, Roof mount dia 40mm, Scope 360, Angle 90, min Height 145mm, Frequency band 460-860MHz, Channels 21-69, noise 1.8dB, gain 28dBi, F-connector female, PSV 5v.  Buy Below >>>

Spin View Directional Aerial with power Tilt:  Fantastic quality aerial, complete with 12v interior control panel that allows the user to control the tilt of the aerial from the comfort of the motorhome interior simply by operating the tilt switch. Aerial: Frequency 175-230 & 470-865MHz, Channels E5-12 & 21-69, Gain e-3dB, 10-14dB, Ratio 20dB typical, ROS 1.6 typical, 75 Ohm, RF Out No1 F. Amplifier: Gain 27-28dB, VHF Gain 0-16/20, UHF Gain 0-20, RF in No1 RF Out No2, Female F Connector, 12-24v, 80mA.  Buy Below >>>

Mains Polarity Changeover Switch:  Our continental cousins have a different system of mains electrics to ours. One consequence is that they are not bothered about 'polarity' - which way round live and neutral go - it simply doesn't matter to them. This is however a problem to us when we connect our UK appliances to their system as we do in a motorhome.  Our Mains Polarity Changeover Switch checks polarity on continental sites and gives an easy way to switch it over.  It is installed (wired in) between mains inlet socket and mains distribution/transformer unit, then when plugging into a continental hook up, if the red light shows simply change the switch to show the green light for safety. Also illustrated right a caravan mains inlet as used for motorhome hook-ups. Spare covers available too - we can't guarantee they fit all types of box though so buy at your own risk!  Buy Below >>>

NB mains electrics can be dangerous, these items should be installed by a skilled person.  Buy Below >>>

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TVs & Aerials, Globesat Dishes & Accessories + Mains Input & Reversing


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LED HD TV's some with built-in satellite receiver.  All with optional/removable stand

These are great prices if comparing be careful re like-for-like there are lots of apparently similar models! While we believe all info to be correct manufacturers do reserve the right to make changes without notice

Dimensions: have proved to be a moving target, these are the latest info to hand. Proving very popular!

NB: Cello Electronics do use other brand names and where identical we might supply Enox for example.

TV Combos with DVD Player  Freeview T2 HD  12v and/or 230v

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Cello 16" LED HD TV/DVD Combo with stand  

C16230F. Super slim LED HD to 1080i television/DVD with an HDMI input. Mobile ready with both 12v & 230v supplies at low consumption. Quick start on remote for easy setup. Record live TV onto external USB. Lightweight, robust, wall mount 75 or use supplied stand. Full spec on request or search model code at 
TV w/o stand 474x48x244 WxDxH 1.7Kg 1366 x 768



Cello 20" LED HD TV/DVD Combo with stand

C20230F. Super slim LED HD ready television/DVD with HDMI input. Mobile ready with both 12v & 230v supplies and low consumption. Quick start on remote for easy setup. Record live TV onto external USB. Lightweight, robust, Wall mount 100 or use on supplied stand. Full spec on request or search model code at
TV w/o stand 463x48x280mm WxDxH 3.2Kg 1366 x 768


Traveller TVs below with Satellite and/or Freeview Receivers using 12v or 12v/230v

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Cello 22" Travel HD Freeview TV/DVD Combo
with USB for external PVR & Multimedia playback  

C22230FT2.  Slimline Full HD 1920x1080p/i Freeview TV/DVD with 7 day EPG using either 230V or 12v 3A power. Selectable multi-mode audio and picture and user sound profiles. HDMI, CVBS, PC in Audio in, YPbPr, 3.5 Digi Audio out & Earphone out, USB, CI. Wall mount 100 or supplied stand. Full spec on request or search model code at
TV w/o stand 504x306x79 mm WxHxD  3.2Kg 1920x1080P



Cello 22" Travel HD Satellite + Freeview TV/DVD Combo
with USB for external PVR & Multimedia playback.

C22230F-Traveller. Slimline Full HD 1920x1080p/i Freeview TV/DVD with 7 day EPG using either 230V or 12v/3A power. Selectable multi-mode audio and picture and user sound profiles. RFx2 HDMIx2, CVBS, PC in Audio in, YPbPr, 3.5 Digi Audio out & Earphone out, USB, CI. Wall mount 100 or use on supplied stand. Full spec on request or search model code at
TV w/o stand 503x298x87 mm WxHxD  2.7Kg 1920x1080P



Terrestrial Aerials




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Maxview Gazelle Aerial  (B2414)(flat dish aero-style omni)

360 Omni Digital + Analaogue TV/FM/DAB Touring Aerial.  Included with this aerial is a new variable signal booster with variable gain control, 5m coaxial cable & mounting accessories for permanent fixing. Warranty 2 years.



Maxview Omnimax Aerial  (wire frame) An old favourite.

Omni Digital + Analaogue TV/FM/DAB Touring Aerial Can be temporarily mounted on roof. Kit includes a variable signal booster with variable gain control, 5m coaxial cable & mounting accessories for permanent fixing.  2yr Guarantee.



New: Magnetic Base for Omnimax

For temporary mounting only.



Maxview 12v Aerial Booster  (MXL008)

Boosts digital TV, FM/DAB radio signals in weaker signal areas. Features: • Variable gain control to optimise signal strength• Professional, gold plated 'F' connectors • Blue LED power indicator• Low power consumption • 2 year guarantee. Includes: • 'F' to coaxial cable• 12/24V fused power cable • Mounting accessories• Full instructions.



Sat Dish Maxview Precision 55cm Twin LNB (MXL024/55T)

Aimed at boats and also known to the boating fraternity as a Precision Waterways. Designed for stationary use only but the 'post' can be permanently mounted outside. Check the instructions to see if this is suitable for you. Twin LNB handy for future proofing or PVR recording (can be used with just a single connected). Includes compass. Manual skew +/- 30.



Maxview Satellite Finder (TP-021)



Glomex Horizon Dome Directional Aerial with Remote

A high-performance, electronic directional antenna for all frequencies plus digital terrestrial TV - DVBt. All packaged in a neat roof mounted dome. High-gain antenna internal elements and two amplifiers, one inside the antenna and one inside the vehicle make it possible to pick up extremely weak signals using the remote control to direct the antenna’s motors. Aerial is 3 times stronger than an omni-directional aerial. Highly directional plus fine tuned orientation makes it possible to eliminate unwanted reflected signals, ghosting, generated by obstacles like mountains, trees and buildings.



Glomex Oasis Omni-directional Aerial - Mk 11

Oasis Mark 2, compact aerodynamic Omni TV aerial, receives both digital DVBT and analogue TV. Diameter of 10” and a height of 5” (8” with whip) and weighing only lb. Receives signals at both low VHF and high UHF frequencies and both horizontally and vertically polarised, the external amplifier can be fixed onto the vehicle wall or cupboard for gain adjustment. Resistant to ghosting and  interference from natural obstacles. Easy to install and is delivered with all necessary accessories for installation, support for roof installation, 5M coax cable, 12v amplifier and 1.5M TV hook up cable.



Glomex Nomade Omni-directional Aerial - Mk 11

Straightforward Omni-directional aerial but with high gain and all at a sensible price. Omni-directional TV DVBT / TNT and HDTV 24.5 dB gain antenna for Caravans, Motorhomes and Boats. Compact 245mm diameter x 80mm high (no whip), 200g, very easy to install. Can also be used on inclines thanks to the adjustable mount +/- 15. Built in low noise amplifier, aerodynamic, delivered with 5M of integrated coax, 1.5M TV coax lead & 12V power inserter.


Globesat - budget rooftop satellite

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Globesat 60cm Dish Kit - Through-roof

Exceptional value performance satellite system. Works well with both digital and analogue broadcasts, home and abroad. Globesat’s patented cassegraine dish has proved to be 20-25% more powerful than conventional dishes. With its top of the range low noise Philips LNB the performance is further increased. Streamlined, light and strong, can be raised, directed and locked all from the comfort of the vehicle and is corrosion free. Normally in stock.


 Globesat spares now to order only

Other Electricals + Sealant

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Sikaflex 512 300ml tube for mastic gun - Only when with other products on this page. The Outdoor PU-Adh/sealant for MHs.



Nova Mains Polarity Detector/Changer requires installation

Checks polarity on camp sites. The switch unit is installed between mains inlet and mains distribution unit. If red light shows simply change switch to show green light for safety.



Digital RF Modulator  To connect Scart or Video-Phono to a TV equipped with only a Coaxial Lead TV Aerial Socket.
12v power is via a 2.1mm in so C0237 or D1119 needed.



Power Lead for Modulator above  Generous 12v Lead with Universal LS/DIN plug & 2.1mm mini-jack power socket. 2A. (8A version on our Procar page - C0239)



Regulated Power Supply / Stabiliser 12v 70w  2.1mm out



Accessory Lead for 1119 Converts std 2.1 to 2.5mm out



Accessory Lead for 1119 Converts std 2.1 to 6x1.4mm out


New selection of inlets & outlets - see our 230v electricals page - click when ready to leave this page


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