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  Water Purification - General Ecology Nature Pure & CWR    

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News: Sorry - Now looks as if Nature Pure will now only be available direct from General Ecology.

Nature Pure:  Being phased out but supplies of filter cartridges will continue - order below.
The established stock product in UK. A brilliant product that we are extremely pleased to offer at a discount. Much more than a water filter this is genuine water purification. World famous amongst yachting people and used by major airlines worldwide the Nature Pure purifies water instantly.  Using no chemicals it removes bacteria cysts and viruses (!!) as well as taints and cloudiness, giving safe bottled water quality straight from a tank with no taint, chemical, chlorine, or other bad taste.  Buy below >>>

In tests against other processes including UV, distillation and even reverse osmosis it beat them all in one or more, or even in several important areas. Summary available.

The Nature-Pure Ultrafine™ Water Purifier is the only chemical free purifier of its type certified to meet the EPA Guide Standard for Microbiological Purification by removing bacteria, cysts and virus. Nature-Pure water purifier also excels at chemical and aesthetic contaminant removal*. Importantly, Nature-Pure water purifier is environmentally friendly, working without electricity, chemicals or wasted water. Plus Nature-Pure purifier doesn't need large storage tanks, double-processing or hold time. What's more it doesn't remove the beneficial minerals and electrolytes essential to essential to good health and to good tasting water.

So why is it so good and is it worth the extra?  To quote GE, "This 'next generation', 'Structured Matrix' technology includes a combination of truly advanced purification concepts and techniques not available from any other product. ... This technology was specifically designed by multi-disciplined scientists and engineers, from a comprehensive overview analysis, to protect against modern environmental and ecological pollutants ... most other products have evolved from older water softening or charcoal filtering products". 

Supplied as a kit with or without a push-to-operate top quality tap (faucet) for pressurised systems (i.e. non-microswitch).  The main purification unit can also be fitted into micro-switched water systems with your own micro-switched tap or our compact single folding tap as pictured left. It is just 40mm high folded and compact under top too with a ~20mm spigot (ideal for most motorhomes but too short for domestic style thick worktops unless rebated). Flow rates will be lower than the pressurised system rates quoted below. You can also fit in your water cold pipe if desired. Buy below >>>

Structured Matrix Technology:  The General Ecology "Structured Matrix" technology purifies your drinking water and protects you without using chemicals:

Ultra-fine Microstraining Down to 0.1 micron (0.4 micron absolute) - small enough to remove all visible well as waterborne enteric disease bacteria, Giardia, Cryptosporidia and other specific parasites. Unlike less advanced systems, our superior technology physically removes these contaminants*

Molecular Capture & "Broad Spectrum" Adsorption Mechanisms remove chlorine and organic chemicals including specific pesticides, herbicides, and solvents, along with foul tastes, bad odor and color. Importantly, valuable minerals and electrolytes remain in the water. These minerals and electrolytes are essential to good health and to good tasting water.*

Electrochemical Separations Because small particles are electrically charged, General Ecology's Structured Matrix, with oppositely charged surfaces, removes colloids and other particles even smaller than those removed by microfine filtration.*

* See actual Test Data Results for specific contaminants -
But come back here to buy - we're cheaper!!  Does not remove beneficial materials. Does not desalinate.

All three of these mechanisms work together in mutual support within the monolithic structure of the Structured Matrix cartridge. General Ecology's products work instantly, without the use of chemicals.

Our View:  Absolutely brilliant. No more concerns about water quality here or abroad - no dicky tummies. Full and convenient use of your on-board tank, no more lugging separate carriers about, superb in your whisky, makes great tea and coffee, even cooked veg tastes better!  What's more it's almost maintenance free, just protect from frost and change the cartridge occasionally to suit your usage. Excellent!

Brief Specifications:

Flow Rate (litres per min)

1.9 L/m

Capacity (avg. litres)

1900 L

Operating Pressure (min - max)

25 -100 psi  (~1.5 - 6.5 bar)

   NB It seems to work OK down to about 15psi (1bar)
     experience says it will simply have a lower flow rate.

Particle Retention (microns)

0.1 nominal    0.4 absolute

Temperature Range (c) 

0.5 to 38

These are stock items. We stock cartridge replacements too but admit that they are sometimes cheaper direct from General Ecology (Cartridges and/or Spares).  We can undercut their prices on complete units but may not be able to compete on their replacement 400009 cartridges.   Buy below >>>

How do I know which type of water system I have?  A microswitched system has electrical connections under the taps and usually has a submersible pump in the water tank. A pressurised system has taps without wires and often has an on/off switch for the water pump. It can be heard running to build up pressure when first switched on, also it often runs on slightly after a tap is closed to restore pressure in the system.

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Nature Pure Filter Kit only, Without Tap. For use in either pressurised or micro-switched systems. 



Nature Pure Kit With Tap.  For pressurised systems.
With Elegant & Top Notch push Tap (without microswitch).



Nature Pure Replacement Cartridge for 26840/42 (Spare)General Ecology part number 400009



Reich Single Microswitch Tap. Suits submersible pump systems. Black & chromed finish compact as pictured above



Reich Twin H/C version of the above Microswitch Tap.
Black and chromed finish as pictured above



Reich Spare/Replacement Microswitch for above Reich taps.


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